Featured Artist Kari Feuer

Enjoy the beautiful, ethereal landscape oil paintings of Kari Feuer; whether representational or abstract, they are full of texture and color. To view more of Kari’s art, please visit her website.


The Stillness

“The Stillness” Oil on Canvas, 16″ x 20″


The landscape is the subject in all my work, whether it is representational or abstract.


Tree Fantasy

“Tree Fantasy” Oil on Canvas, 12″ x 12″


After many years of painting outdoors as a beginning, self-taught painter, I now have lots of “notes” in my head. I find that I can work in my studio; sometimes from sketches or photos and sometimes from imagination.



“Peaks” Oil on Canvas, 14″ x 28″


I am more interested in the quality of the paint on the canvas than in a detailed representation.


The Scent of Roses

“The Scent of Roses” Oil on Canvas, 34″ x 40″


I paint with a palette knife and actually love the loss of control that this technique provides. This way my artwork doesn’t get too fussy.


Soft Night

“Soft Night” Oil on Canvas, 20″ x 24″


I generally work on linen, which is strong enough to take the scraping and swirling of the knife. If I’m building up a lot of impasto, I switch to very thin glazes, just touching down over the high points and adding sparkle.


Light Before Darkness

“Light Before Darkness” Oil on Canvas, 20″ x 24″


Painting in the studio frees me up to be inventive with color. If I’m painting outdoors and see a brownish-yellow field, it’ll generally be that color on the canvas.


Red Lettuce Green Lettuce

“Red Lettuce Green Lettuce” 12″ x 16″


I had some very good instruction years ago on color-mixing, and I can duplicate colors well on my palette, but it’s much more fun to invent a color. Brownish field? Make it yellow-orange and put a purple-blue sky next to it to make it sing!


Hudson River Sundown

“Hudson River Sundown” Oil on Canvas, 34″ x 30″


After painting New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley landscape for many years, I was drawn to working with some abstracted versions of what I was feeling outdoors – the sounds, smells and breezes.


Life Force

“Life Force” Oil on Canvas, 44″ x 34″


These are gestural paintings with lots of movement, slathering and layering.  I particularly like the surprise mixtures of colors that sometimes just happen in the moment.


Kari Feuer in her studio

Kari Feuer in her studio


I often show the landscapes and “air-scapes” (or abstracts) side by side. They make interesting conversations with each other…about the colors, shapes and view of nature.


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  1. It is interesting that you can go from realism to abstract and back and forth. I admire all your paintings.

  2. Just love your work and use of colors. Continued success to you!

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