Featured Artist Jo Ann Tomaselli

Using her own backyard as the subject for a series of photographic images, Jo Ann Tomaselli captures the beauty of the same landscape on different days. To see more of her photography, please visit her website.


See What I See

“See What I See” Photography, Various Sizes


I am inspired by color, shape and design. The process of making photographs continues to intrigue and delight me years after picking up my first film camera.


Great Expectations

“Great Expectations” Photography, Various Sizes


There are many ways to measure success – exhibits, publications and awards. While I am grateful to receive acknowledgment for my work in this way, that is not the reason I pick up my camera every day.


3 Second Flash

“3 Second Flash” Photography, Various Sizes


In our fast-paced world, stepping behind the lens allows me to slow down, leave behind the noise, and see the world from a different point of view.


Chelsea Morning

“Chelsea Morning” Photography, Various Sizes


Times like these are magical and treasured.


Slip Slidin'

“Slip Slidin'” Photography, Various Sizes


Because I value these times, I was hesitant to take on yet one more social media platform. But thought I’d try Instagram provided my daily photo could be shot, processed and uploaded while drinking my morning coffee.


The Way Out

“The Way Out” Photography, Various Sizes


I am blessed to have a backyard with unrestricted marsh views. In November 2013, feeling like Monet in a field of haystacks, I opened an account and started my backyard series, Same View ~ Different Day.



“Sailing” Photography, Various Sizes


This personal project has been a blessing in many ways. I’ve learned to see my backyard landscape in all it’s diversity- two hundred and thirty images to date! I’ve learned tons about mobile apps, art-filters and wifi transfers.


@joanntomaselli Instagram Screen Shot 2015

@joanntomaselli Instagram Screen Shot 2015


More importantly, I am mindful daily of the tides, the track of the sun on the horizon, the color of dawn, the art of clouds, and the rhythm of nature as she unfolds her eternal beauty.


Vintage Canvas Sunrise

“Vintage Canvas Sunrise” Photography, Various Sizes


As artists, we all have goals for the work we create and share. I regard each image a success when it brings even the smallest measure of wonder and joy to those who see it.

Jo Ann Tomaselli invites you to follow her on her blog and Instagram.


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  1. I’m delighted to have my work featured in Artsy Shark and truly appreciate the opportunity to share my backyard images with the art world ~ Thank you Carolyn!

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