Featured Artist Charice Cooper

A self-taught artist, Charice Cooper’s innate talent is amazing. Her paintings of animals capture their beauty and spirit. To see more of her wonderful paintings, please visit her website.


Eye of Africa

“Eye of Africa” Oil, 8″ x 10″


I’ve always had a passion for art.


White Buffalo - Hope of a Nation

“White Buffalo – Hope of a Nation” Oil, 48″ x 60″


I remember as a child thinking that the first signs of morning light peeking through the slats of my window blind were my cue to fire up the paintbrushes. Along with art, I also had a tremendous love for animals, and much to the credit of my parents, I had quite the menagerie. It was only natural that the blending of these two passions resulted in animal paintings.


Endangered Moments

“Endangered Moments” Oil, 28″ x 41″


Along with the understanding of unconditional love, they provided me with lessons in anatomy, movement, behavior and personality and inspired me to find ways to transfer their amazing spirits to the canvas.


Master of the Mist

“Master of the Mist” Oil, 48″ x 60″


I continue to be fascinated and deeply moved by the diversity, beauty and sheer wonder of the animal kingdom. From the creatures we’ve domesticated over thousands of years, to the ones that can’t be tamed, they are all an inspiration. It is my goal to bring awareness to the challenges animals face as well as a renewed appreciation of their existence by capturing their essence through the instruments of my craft.


Drink'n Buddies

“Drink’n Buddies” Oil, 24″ x 36″


I’m often asked questions like what techniques I use or how I determine my color palette and composition. Because I am self taught, I do a lot of it innately, so articulating this is not easy for me. However I can provide an explanation of how my art as a whole comes in to being and what I believe is far more important to know than what paints I use. It’s simply staying true to yourself.


Leda's Swan

“Leda’s Swan” Oil, 20″ x 26″


This makes a painting, you ask? I can assure you, it does, and anything else you have a passion for. Understanding that there is profound power in doing what you are designed to do by giving your gift validity through recognition of its divine importance. This breathes life back into the soul, even if you can only explore your gift for a few minutes every day.



“Sweetness” Oil, 6″ x 6″


You must be fearless in these expeditions of your passions and when something resonates with you, push the boundaries of it. Practice shifting your thought paradigm from fear of failure to anticipation of greatness. There is no such thing as a mistake when you recognize that every step is necessary in the cultivation of skill and self.



“Isaiah” Oil, 12″ x 24″


You must be kind and patient with yourself and learn to enjoy, appreciate and revel in the journey. Inevitably you will encounter countless unexpected and exciting experiences that spring forth from the joy and fulfillment of the soul and an understanding that you owe it to yourself and the world to share the gifts God has given you.


Artist Charice Cooper

Artist Charice Cooper


This has been the axis on which my art world turns, inevitably overflowing into my everyday life. The art comes naturally so long as I stay true to myself and it will for you too when you follow your simple truth.


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