Featured Artist Johanna Hildebrandt

Australian artist Johanna Hildebrandt’s acrylic paintings capture the vivid color and lushness of the exotic landscape in which she lives.  Visit her website to see more of her artwork.


Emerald Lake

“Emerald Lake” Acrylic on Canvas, 110cm x 125cm


I was born in Grainau, a small Bavarian town in Germany. After spending three years at art school specialising in sculpture, I migrated to Australia in 1970 with my husband and young child. During my first years there, I discovered the seductive beauty of my newly adopted country.


Honey Eaters

“Honey Eaters” Acrylic on Canvas, 35cm x 28cm


I was surrounded by vivid colours of exotic birds and parrots, and an abundance of wildlife. In 1980, I picked up my paintbrushes because I was eager to communicate my impressions of these luscious landscapes and it’s inhabitants. I started painting unselfconsciously, responding honestly to the world around me. For me, creating art is a natural and intimate process which corresponds with the Naive Art movement.


High Up in the Branches

“High Up in the Branches” Acrylic on Canvas, 61cm x 92cm


My paintings start in different ways; it might be a colour scheme, a particularly beautiful sunset, or perhaps the observation of birdlife in the treetops. Often the paintings are backlit and the foreground images are layered and silhouetted against a luminous twilight.


Sacret Habitat

“Sacret Habitat” Acrylic on Canvas, 110cm x 125cm


I use quick-drying acrylic paint, which allows me to work without interrupting the flow of inspiration and creation. Although my technical skills improve over time, my focus remains true to my original response to this captivating world. That keeps my work fresh and spontaneous.


Reef With Mangrove Trees

“Reef With Mangrove Trees” Acrylic on Canvas, 60cm x 45cm


As long as I can remember, I loved roaming the countryside. To this day I still do a lot of walking in the wilderness and always come away feeling refreshed and full of inspiration. The natural environment, particularly when it is wild and untouched, still has a profound impact on me. Furthermore, my reef and underwater scenes are inspired by my passion for snorkeling in the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean.


Tropical Afternoon

“Tropical Afternoon” Acrylic on Canvas, 93cm x 122cm


The aim of my artwork is to convey happiness and pleasure; a respite from daily stress and anxiety. The accuracy and scale of the elements are not important to me, as my focus is on the emotional responses they create in the viewer. I am a great admirer of artists such as Henry Rousseau and Paul Gauguin. This influence can be seen in the colour, flora and fauna that inhabit my work.


Nesting Waterfowl

“Nesting Waterfowl” Acrylic on Canvas, 60cm x 40cm


I have had more than 20 Solo Exhibitions in Australia, Japan and Germany and have taken part in many important group shows internationally.


Eclectus Parrot

“Eclectus Parrot” Acrylic on Canvas, 30cm x 23cm


Selected images have been reproduced on greeting cards, prints, posters, book covers and jigsaw puzzles. I am especially proud of the fact that one of my images was chosen by UNICEF for their promotional greeting cards.


At the Easel

At the Easel


I look forward to licensing my work for reproductions so that I am further able to share the beauty and happiness offered by the natural world.


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  1. Your art is fabulous Johanna! Love all the activity going on with the birds in each piece, could sit and look at them for a long time!!!

  2. Bonjour à l’artiste,

    Je suis venue par pure hasard sur votre site! je trouve votre travail sur le monde des oiseaux magnifique! vos couleurs me rappellent l’île de la Réunion,où j’ai vécue de longues années! merci pour toutes ces merveilles quel talent!

    Lise de TOULON

  3. Through your eyes we can enjoy with more essential emotion. Thank you very much.

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