Featured Artist Goran Petmil

Serbian-born artist Goran Petmil works with many types of media, from collage to found objects, creating two-dimensional artwork as well as large installations. To see more of his work, please visit his website.



“17” Mixed Media on Plywood, 96″ x 78″ x 8″


My name is Goran Petmil and I’m originally from Serbia. I have been creating art all of my life. I see art in everything. From driftwood to cut paper, art surrounds us every day.


10 am

“10 am” Oil on Canvas, 12″ x 12″


I moved to the USA in 1989 and later to Long Island where I started collecting found objects – small pieces of driftwood usually found on Southampton beaches and rusty metal objects from railroads.


Red Sink

“Red Sink” Mixed Media Installation


I transformed these pieces into small assemblages. Later, I enjoyed installing different types of wood and making medium size wooden constructions, as well as big installations that completely fill rooms.


White Box

“White Box” Mixed Media, 22″ x 23″ x 4″


I have exhibited my artwork in both Europe and the United States, participating in both solo and group exhibitions and earning various special mentions and awards.


Gipsy Rain

“Gipsy Rain” Mixed Media Installation, 9′ x 12′ x 8′


My main media is mixed media, making tri-dimensional art that people can touch, like and get lost in, real and palpable. My sculptures, installations, and paintings use a wide variety of unusual found materials. My work encourages the viewer to touch and experience the energy in it.



“Grey-Black” Mixed Media, 24″ x 24″ x 8″


After working on tri-dimensional installations I went back to large-scale paintings. These are made of layers of paint, found objects, drifted wood, tarp paper and items of clothing. They are set on big plywood pieces and put together in groups of three.


First Time Green

“First Time Green” Collage, 21″ x 21″


During the last couple of years, collages have become very important in my work.


Portrait in Black

“Portrait in Black” Mixed Media, Cut Paper Collage, 22″ x 21″


My process starts with painting. I use different types of paint and larger brushes to make fast strokes on all kinds of white paper. The second stage involves cutting out interesting shapes and pieces from magazines.


Face With Black Mark

“Face With Black Mark” Collage and Cut Paper, 11″ x 11″


The most exciting moment in my process of creating abstract or realistic collages is the creative process and the assemblage. This process of making art is for me one step higher and more creative than just painting or drawing.


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