Featured Artist Susan Togut

Mixed media artist Susan Togut shares a selection of environmental installations inspired by the cycles of nature—life, renewal and ascension.

Featured Artist Paulina Cassimatis

Greek artist Paulina Cassimatis captures the essence of human relationships through her figurative sculpture.

Featured Artist Mallory Zondag

Fiber artist Mallory Zondag creates soft sculpture inspired by the textures and variety found in nature.

Featured Artist Brian Peters

Artist Brian Peters presents a collection of 3D printed ceramics fabricated into rhythmic and textural constructions.

Featured Artist Richard Monteleone

This body of work is about expansion, light, space and energy. The best metaphor is the physical change from ice to steam (ice is contracted water molecules and steam is expansive water molecules). I desire my viewers to feel this expansion in them, in the space and in the work.

Featured Artist Goran Petmil

The most exciting moment in my process of creating abstract or realistic collages is the creative process and the assemblage.