Featured Artist Kathy Pallie

Ceramic artist by Kathy Pallie creates amazingly lifelike and detailed sculptures of natural objects. View more of Kathy’s artwork by visiting her website.


Birch Still Life

“Birch Still Life” Ceramic, 19” x 13” x 12”


I always enjoyed working with my hands, making things out of all different materials. Though I never had art classes in high school, I was an art major in college and received my BFA cum laude from Boston University. This was followed by a very exciting career in commercial art, designing products for the visual merchandising, point-of-purchase and exhibit industries.


Aspens in the Autumn Breeze

“Aspens in the Autumn Breeze” Ceramic, 36” x 12” x 4”


Most of the products I created were three-dimensional, large scale, and fabricated from a vast range of materials. I loved the challenge of using materials that had totally different commercial uses and creating products from them that were applicable to the display industries. Years later when I rediscovered clay, I knew this was a material I had to explore in greater depth.


Bark Landscape--Eucalyptus

“Bark Landscape–Eucalyptus” Ceramic, 12” x 18” x 3”


Texture and surface exploration integrated with a three-dimensional form have always been a part of my clay work. I approach form and surface texture as one, rather than create a form to use as a canvas for painting.



“Lichen” Ceramic, 13″ x 25″ x 8″


The tactile sense is always in play, whether I’m creating a realistic trompe l’oeil effect or zeroing in on the many nuances of tree bark through a macro lens. Observing in such detail opens a world of exciting abstract graphic designs and forms.


Against All Odds

“Against All Odds” Ceramic, 14″ x 21″ x 10″


Nature is my biggest inspiration, offering a vast palette of colors, textures, and patterns from which to choose. Some of my favorite texturing tools such as pieces of bark, tree nuts, sprigs, and twigs are readily found outdoors.


Southwest Clay Basket

“Southwest Clay Basket” Ceramic, 18″ Diameter x 18″ H


Most things in nature grow vertically reaching toward the sun and are nurtured by the earth in which they are planted. Working with clay, a material which comes from the earth, reminds me to reach and stretch in my thinking and creative process, and to nurture my passion for clay and to communicate my ideas.


The Unsung Hero

“The Unsung Hero” Ceramic, 17″ x 14″ x 13″


My clay basket series evolved from observing reeds and grasses, which grow vertically, but are often used horizontally, to construct basketry. As I was making my clay baskets, I found myself caught up in the rhythmic, meditative flow of the process and realized how involved and interwoven I, as the artist, was with the piece I was creating. The artist and her art had become one. From this evolved a figurative series of basket makers.


Out of the Woods

“Out of the Woods” Ceramic, Installed in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, 96″ x 48″ x 6″


Most of my clay work is hand built as opposed to wheel thrown. My hands manipulate the clay by pushing, pulling, pinching, incising and rolling, creating an effect evoking both the visual and tactile senses.


The Finley Gallery - 30 piece Solo Exhibition

The Finley Gallery – 30 piece Solo Exhibition


I work with clay slabs, coils, and extruded shapes and use various clay bodies, firing processes, glazes, and cold finishes to achieve my results.


Kathy in her studio

Kathy Pallie in her studio


The scope of my work ranges from small 3” to 6” diameter coil treasure baskets to architectural scale installations. I enjoy the challenge of site specific commissioned installations such as the 48”H  x  96”L aspen wall piece “Out of the Woods” created for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in North Lake Tahoe, California. Equally, I love the time spent in my studio creating, experimenting, and putting my energy into whatever the next piece might be.


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  1. Unique and absolutely amazing work Kathy!

  2. Thanks Roberta for your nice words. I hope you will continue to follow my work. I just looked at your website, and I see how much our work has in common. Your site is lovely and your photographs are beautiful.

  3. Alfred Spivack, MD says

    Kathie, you create extraordinary work which is truly original and captures true beauty of nature.
    Al S

  4. Barbara Z Musser says

    Walking into the Desta Gallery to see your work which I knew very little about, I had a hard time computing that the objects of nature I was looking at, such as the baskets and bark, were not the real thing. It initially seemed far fetched to think they were made of clay. Whether small or large, they were so beautifully created and realistically presented. I would love to see nature’s wonders through your eyes!
    Also, Emebet, the director of the gallery, was lovely to talk with about your work.

    • Thanks Barbara for you wonderful words. I’m so glad you got to see the exhibition. I hope you will enjoy your new “Fire & Smoke” leaf. I look forward to seeing a photo of it on your fireplace mantel.

  5. Kathy: your works are truly unique. As many times as I’ve seen them, they truly astonish me. They are WONDERFUL………Thank you for sharing them with me… Judy

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