Featured Artist Victor Mordasov

Victor Mordasov’s oil paintings reflect the traditional style of the Old Masters combined with Impressionism. To see more of his artwork, please visit his website.


Morning In The Ballet Class

“Morning In The Ballet Class” Oil, 36” x 24”


I graduated from College of Art and Academy of Art in Minsk, Belarus and spent many years in Europe and Russia exploring different mediums and methods of painting.


Early Morning

“Early Morning” Oil, 20” x 24”


I have discovered the joy of following the techniques of the Old Masters in combination with an Impressionist manner of painting.


Old Men

“Old Man” Oil, 10” x 8”


I paint a wide range of subjects, including landscapes, still life, portraits, and marine venues on canvas or wood.


Blue Flowers

“Blue Flowers” Oil, 10” x 8”


I am dedicated to quality and passion, and am committed to portraying not just exterior of my subjects but their characters and personality as well.


Early Morning In A Farmer Atelier

“Early Morning In A Farmer Atelier” Oil, 20” x 24”


Lately I have started painting on hand-cut wood and have also started to make my own wood Italian renaissance type frames.



“Glance” Oil, 14” x 11”


In my art, I like to express my feelings and share my God-given creativity for people to enjoy and connect with.


Still Life With Fish and Olives

“Still Life With Fish and Olives” Oil, 24” x 18”


By using simple lifeless paint and materials, God has given me the ability to create emotional pieces that reach each person’s soul and heart.



“Teacher” Oil, 14” x 11”

My focus is to bring people’s attention to the beauty of God’s creation, which is around us all. I like my paintings bring joy to those who see it.


Victor Mordasov invites you to follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


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  1. Victor your art is so very beautiful and moving.

  2. Yes, it is quite gorgeous. My favorite is the Teacher.


  4. I love this expressive form of art. To me it is truly inspiring and I hope that my work is affecting people the same way is yours. I think this is the true meaning of art in its purest form. Thank you

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