Featured Artist Janice Stevens

The wonderfully textured textile paintings of artist Janice Stevens highlight the continual struggle between man-made objects and nature. To see more of her amazing work, visit her website.


Bicycle Painting

“Bicycle Rickshaw” Textile Painting, 31″ x 39″


Rust on a metal door latch, moss on a concrete wall, small green sprouts between bricks and stones on a building; all these images inspire me with a sense of awe at the beauty created by Nature on the surfaces of our man-made structures. I see these changes as evidence of our struggle to impose our will on our environment and Nature’s quiet effort to reclaim its territory.


Urban Deconstruction

“Urban Deconstruction” Textile Painting, 38″ x 26″


Based on hundreds of photos I have taken over the years, I create textile artworks that depict the beauty and textural interest that time and Nature add to our hard surfaced creations and discarded objects.


Depression #3

“Depression #3″ Textile Painting, 24″ x 18”


I have lived in Asia since 1992 and exposure to different cultures and philosophies has influenced my artwork. For example, since Buddha was seated under a bohdi tree when he reached enlightenment, the bohdi leaf is used to symbolize the soul.


Depression #10

“Depression #10″ Textile Painting, 24″ x 18”


In my series Depression, I show the gradual decay and collapse of a bohdi leaf to depict the effects of chronic depression on the human spirit.


Old Planks, Collaged

“Old Planks, Collaged” Textile Painting in Progress, 18″ x 12″


My general approach uses dyeing, dye painting, and painting to create the appropriate background for the image. Collage with fabric is then used to define the larger colored areas of the image.


Old Planks, Painted

“Old Planks, Painted” Textile Painting in Progress, 18″ x 12″


The details are then filled in with thread and paint.


Old Planks, Stitched

“Old Planks, Stitched” Textile Painting in Progress, 18″ x 12″


The final step is the quilting which adds visual texture and interest to the image.


Urban Renewal

“Urban Renewal” Textile Painting, 31″ x 39″


Each artwork presents unique challenges in conception and execution. In “Urban Renewal”, to visually reproduce the texture of the woven plastic cement bags, I created fabric by cutting and weaving together narrow strips of silk organza. I then cut the fabric into the correct shapes and collaged them to the background before painting and stitching in the details.


Communication Breakdown

“Communication Breakdown” Textile Painting, 42″ x 31″


In “Communication Breakdown”, the challenge was to make soft fabric act like stiff paper, to roll and curl and maintain its shape.


Concrete Jungle

“Concrete Jungle” Textile Painting, 42″ x 32″


My present series, Artifacts, is based on images of things that have been placed on the roadside for long periods of time. They show the effects of prolonged exposure to the elements and the effort of Nature to overtake them.

My artwork has been shown in exhibitions in the United States, England, France, Germany and the Netherlands.


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  1. Amazing work!!

  2. Amanda Sievers says

    Your work never ceases to inspire me, Janice. I love your new work and look forward to seeing the finished piece.

  3. Karen S Schorno says

    Finding more inspiring work of Janice Stevens. She continues to inspire me to take another look at my world around me.

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