Ethereal Landscapes

We invited a group of artists to share their interpretations of the landscape. Enjoy this collection of works that are often dreamy and abstract, filled with color and atmosphere. Click each artist’s name to see their website portfolio.


Artwork by Nacka Kovacic - Pompei 150cm x 90cm painting


Nacka Kovacic  

Between mysticism, dream, and reality, my paintings are marked by individualism and are tied to a schema. These are works of art, some realistic, clear and expressive and full of excitement and emotion, depending on your mood.


Artwork by Shawn Marshall - Burning Edge 24 x 24 Oil on canvas


Shawn Marshall

My work is a meditative practice in letting go of preconceived notions and self-imposed rules of how I interpret and portray the world. With rich color and texture, I create what I refer to as “Inward Landscapes.”


Artwork by Alessandro Andreuccetti - Misty Landscape, Watercolor, 32cm x 24cm


Alessandro Andreuccetti

The landscape is my “safe haven,” a fetch in my head where I can take refuge and refuel in peace. It’s all in there, helpful and generous, and I have no choice but to reap the benefits.


Artwork by L. Scooter Morris - September Landscape 48 x 60 Acrylic on canvas


Scooter Morris 

I use landscape images as a way to impart emotion or a contextual reality of how I see the world. I create a surface using canvas on canvas and often include other mixed media.


Artwork by Michelle Marcotte - October Skyscape 24 x 30 Oil on Canvas


Michelle Marcotte

I capture the spirit, mystery and scent of a place, rather than detail. I paint a sense of cold or heat, tales told by the trees, calm or disorder, with bold color and quick brushstrokes.


Artwork by Sally Veach, Cloud Six 24 x 30 Acrylic on Canvas


Sally Veach  

I am baffled by the dichotomy of a world where beauty exists alongside detritus, and people are compelled by both violence and compassion. I try to communicate this irony through expressive treatment of beautiful landscapes.


Artwork by Margaret Lipsey - Mountains


Margaret Lipsey

I use acrylic and palette knives to explore textures and movements. Ethereal mist recedes from the craggy peaks revealing their stoic permanence in the skyline.


Artwork by Cristina Dalla Valentina - Mystic Waterfall


Cristina Dalla Valentina  

The voice of nature merges with the visions inhabiting my mind to create my landscapes of the soul, where lively colours and evocative subjects help you to pause and dialogue with your inner self.


Artwork by Marco Busoni - Mountain Mirror


Marco Busoni

The focal point of my artistic production is light. Painting is my way to capture the emotions inspired by natural light in its spectacular exhibitions, and the opportunity to study its evanescent effects.


Artwork by Sharon Sieben - Bryant Park Rush, Acrylic


Sharon Sieben

Times Square can be a bustling place and at the same time very relaxing if you are in Bryant Park. I tried to capture that flavor and feeling in this acrylic painting.


Artwork by Emilie Heurtevent - Farm


Emilie Heurtevent

I find my inspiration from our broader environment, in all its colours and movements. The grey of concrete in the city, or the smoothness of the clouds. Each piece of artwork becomes a unique expression of my response to the world.


Artwork by A K Dayton - A Whiter Shade of Pale, Acrylic and Gesso, 20" x 20"


A K Dayton

My art is based on my connection to two very different places – the prairies of my home state of Kansas, and the landscapes of Minnesota, particularly the far north, on the Canadian border. I strive to represent, not recreate, a sense of place and time with my neo-expressionist work.


Artwork by Arleen Joseph


Arleen Joseph

My abstract landscapes are complex and sophisticated in coloration and subtle texturing that has a distinct tactile quality.


Artwork by Mark Witzling - Winter Arrival 12 x 12 Oil & Cold Wax on Cradled Panel


Mark Witzling

Building up and excavating into layers of oil paint to create a sense of both time and mystery is essential to my art.


Artwork by Debbie Bredemus


Debbie Bredemus

“Land of The Free” was an inspiration drawn from my first awestruck trip through the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and the deep pride I felt to live in such a beautiful country.


Artwork by Fiona Roxburgh


Fiona Roxburgh

The medium of inks and acrylics in “Night Reef” captures all the natural elements in a harmonious balance. The natural power highlights our own inability to control external forces displaying the inevitable surrender in our own lives.



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  1. Thank you so much Carolyn, I am happy and honored to be in the company of so many talented artists!

  2. Thank you Carolyn for this opportunity to show my work along side such talented artists. I’m so pleased to be associated with Artsy Shark.

  3. Glad I could share your art here, Fiona!

  4. Beautiful and inspirational art, love it.

  5. L. Scooter Morris says

    Thank you Carolyn, for everything you do to make Art Work!

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