Featured Artist Mishel Schwartz

Canadian artist Mishel Schwartz’s alcohol ink paintings are sensually rich with color, movement and form. Discover more of her work by visiting her website.


Abstract botanically-inspired painting in alcohol ink by Mishel Schwartz

“Earth’s Intelligence” Alcohol Ink on Yupo, 12.5” x 12.5”


When I was a young girl, I used to hide near the entrance to my parents’ studio (they both painted—my mother, professionally) and watch them paint the men and women who came to model. Even then, I was mesmerized by the creative process, and how a blank canvas could suddenly become a work of art.


Abstract painting with floral elements in alcohol ink by Mishel Schwartz.

“Falling” Alcohol Ink on Yupo, 20” x 28.5”


It didn’t take long before I realized that art, creativity and the freedom of expression it allowed would eventually define my own path.


Complex abstract painting by Mishel Schwartz made with alcohol ink on yupo paper.

“Teal and Gold Floral Abstract” Alcohol Ink on Yupo, 18” x 20.5”


Ever mindful of the practical world, at first I chose a roundabout path to my destiny, pursuing art through education as a means of making my way.


black and white alcohol ink abstract painting

“Dream State” Alcohol Ink on Gesso Wood, 20.5” x 16.5”


I began with a Bachelor of Fine Arts at a local college followed by a degree in Art History at McGill University, in Montreal, Quebec where I was born and raised. Eventually, I made the move to Toronto, Ontario, where I completed a degree in Graphic Design from York University.


colorful abstract painting of blossoms using alcohol ink by Mishel Schwartz

“Then the Blossoms Came” Alcohol Ink on Yupo, 20.5” x 18”


As I purposefully move towards the original dream of working full-time as an artist, I reflect on the last twenty years and how it helped bring me to this pivotal time in my life.


Abstract painting with alcohol inks by artist Mishel Schwartz in neutral colors

“Connection 1” Alcohol Ink on Yupo, 18” x 24”


I was fortunate enough to nurture my passion for art as Creative Director for our family-run business. Although I learned a lot during my time as a commercial designer, there was always a nagging desire to go back to my roots and paint.


Abstract painting in blue colors by artist Mishel Schwartz

“The Blue Hour” Alcohol Ink on Yupo, 10.5” x 10.5”


Today I spend much of my free time in the studio, pursuing as many channels of artistic expression as I can. I am amazed to watch the pieces evolve. I draw my inspiration from the natural and organic world around me. The sights, smells and shapes of all living things are the nucleus of every piece.


Flowing abstract painting made with alcohol inks and acrylic paints by Mishel Schwartz

“Le Grand Mystere” Alcohol Ink and Acrylic on Gesso Wood, 36” x 36”


It has been quite a journey into what was often unfamiliar territory, using new tools and techniques, and experimenting with different materials like the alcohol inks I use in my current collection.


Turquoise and gold abstract painting by Mishel Schwartz

“Turquoise and Gold Abstract” Alcohol Ink on Yupo, 20” x 20”


I began posting my art on Instagram as a way to share my passion with people. Before long, I was receiving comments from gallery curators and calls to enter contests. My first-ever showing was in a pop-up gallery in Soho, New York, with other emerging artists.


Abstract floral painting in alcohol inks by artist Mishel Schwartz

“From the Ashes” Alcohol Ink on Yupo, 20.6” x 22”


Like a snowball picking up momentum as it rolls down the hill, my journey into the art world has suddenly taken over. With new collaborations, licensing prospects and shows with international art organizations on the horizon, I am immersed in a happy place of my own creation.


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