Featured Artist Jan Gierat

Using digital photography, artist Jan Gierat creates compelling dreamlike images filled with mystery. View more of his intriguing portfolio by visiting his website.


"Daydream" Digital Photograph of a woman with blowing hair that has been transformed into grass, twigs and flowers by Jan Gierat

“Daydream” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


My name is Jan Gierat and I am also known as Madink-art. I don’t like to talk about myself and I am hoping that my audience will know me better by my art than my history. I was born in Krakow, Poland, and moved to Paris, France, in the 1980s to avoid military service.


"Deep Forest Creature" Digital Photograph of a deer-like creature with branches. greenery and flowers for its antlers and fur by Jan Gierat

“Deep Forest Creature” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


I studied art history at the Ecole du Louvre, but withdrew from the school a year later. I then became a student of art in cinematography at the University of Paris 8. After graduation, I worked in the creative department of an advertising agency doing mainly television commercials. After the agency I worked for collapsed, I began working in political marketing.


"Babylon the Great" Digital Photograph of a reclining figure with a ram's skull as its head by Jan Gierat

“Babylon the Great” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


Although the money was good, it wasn’t a stable source of income. I moved again, this time to the United Kingdom in hope of finding a better life.


"Sleep" Digital Photograph of a sleeping woman surrounded by flowers and fairy-like creatures by Jan Gierat

“Sleep” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


After a few years of really struggling and working night shifts in different factories, I decided to learn digital art.


"Animal Bond" Digital Photograph of a nude woman embracing an animal skeleton by Jan Gierat

“Animal Bond” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


I got my certificate from the Academy of Art in Keln, Germany, and started to produce digital photography. This art consists of finding and assembling different photographs together. I am not currently able to make a living from my art alone, so I am also working full-time helping disabled people and people with addictions find new purpose in life.


"Snakes of Fire" Digital Photograph of a warrior woman standing among flaming snakes holding a staff with a skull on it by Jan Gierat

“Snakes of Fire” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


My art is an escape from reality, but I also create pictures based on the private photographs of my clients. I have recently even done book covers.


"Opium" Digital Photograph of a woman in a long flowing dress in a field of air borne poppy blossoms by Jan Gierat

“Opium” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


Although digital art can be done very quickly, I take my time. I never rush. Composition, light and colours are crucial, and I spend a lot of time on working on fine details.


"The Beast" Digital Photograph of a young woman with an antlered and horned skull for her head by Jan Gierat

“The Beast” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


I am not an artist or craftsman of only one genre of art. The images I create are quite varied, reflecting different styles and looks.


"The Green Horse" Digital Photograph of an arch with crows and a horse made out of branches and vines with flowers by Jan Gierat

“The Green Horse” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


I think that my art was born from the suffering we experience in life. Women, love, pain, beliefs, mysteries and dreams are my subjects.


"Belief" Digital Photograph of a woman whose arms are protruding from her ribcage by Jan Gierat

“Belief” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


I am always looking to communicate mysticism, transgression and universality in my imagery. My art can be moody and sad or even Gothic and dark. I hope that at least some of those who see my work can identify with it and enjoy it.


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