Featured Artist Brad Walker

Artist Brad Walker presents an incredible collection of dramatic panoramic paintings. Enjoy his work and see more by visiting his website.


Dramatic action painting of Cliff Divers by artist Brad Walker

“Cliff Divers” Mixed Media and Oil on Canvas, 103″ x 35″


In my youth, I was fascinated by a number of artists. In particular, I admired the draftsmanship of Wally Wood, the graphic strength and abilities of J. C. Leyendecker, the iridescent qualities of Maxfield Parrish’s work and the dreamlike and technical genius of Salvador Dalí.


"Masquerade" large panoramic oil painting of a masked ball by Brad Walker

“Masquerade” Mixed Media and Oil on Canvas, 158″ x 48″


They were artists who amazed me with their mastery of skill and technique, along with the visual impact of their work. It’s become my passion to incorporate these qualities in my work.


Detail of "Masquerade" a large oil painting of a historic masked ball by Brad Walker

“Masquerade” (Detail)


My journey has taken me through a lifetime of design, painting techniques, and different mediums, but the goal has always been the same. I want to inspire and be inspired.


Dramatic panoramic oil painting of warriors on horseback in battle by Brad Walker titled "El Cid"

“El Cid” Mixed Media and Oil on Canvas, 83″ x 42″


For me, no other type of work would be satisfying.


Serene panoramic oil painting of a landscape with Mother and Child by Brad Walker

“Mother and Child” Mixed Media and Oil on Canvas, 103″ x 35″


I’m at a point in my career as an illustrator and fine artist where I’m not intimidated by my materials. Rather, I am empowered by them. I can see the whole composition in my head before I start. Then it’s just a matter of rendering by using any medium necessary to fulfill my vision and expectations.


Detail of oil painting of Mother and Child below a fountain by Brad Walker

“Mother and Child” (Detail)


That doesn’t mean I won’t keep searching and exploring avenues that push my artistic piece a bit further and make it more stimulating. That’s part of the process.


Dramatic oil painting of Greek warrior "Trajan" by Brad Walker

“Trajan” Mixed Media and Oil on Canvas, 83″ x 47″


I want to tell a story visually, and to create an end result flooded with color, contrast and panoramic perspective. I want to create an ideal world—not reality—but an idealized version, more dramatic and dynamic.


Figurative Oil Painting of the Oracle at Delphi by artist Brad Walker

“Delphi” Mixed Media and Oil on Canvas, 48″ x 72″


As a graduate of Art Center College of Design, I’ve worked in advertising, done editorial illustrations, book illustrations and artwork for corporations and the motion picture industry. I’ve also contracted with various collectors.


Dramatic Panoramic oil painting figurative abstract art titled "Yin & Yang" by artist Brad Walker

“Yin & Yang” Mixed Media and Oil on Canvas, 86″ x 47″


All I’ve ever wanted was to be creative and to express myself artistically.


"Polar Bear Swimming" hunting a penguin, dramatic oil painting by Brad Walker

“Polar Bear Swimming” Mixed Media and Oil on Canvas, 87.5″ x 48.5″


With my art I can show a place in time using just my imagination and how I want it to be. I don’t set limitations as far as fact or realistic exactness. I don’t really care about that. This is my artistic vision and interpretation.


Artist Brad Walker invites you to follow him on his Illustration Website.


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