Selling Products that Combine Art and Spirit

by Carolyn Edlund

Artist Dana Weekley of Nine Tomatoes developed an interesting business model to sell her mesmerizing designs. We spoke about developing products, and using tech to sell.


Creativity digital design by Dana Weekley

“Creativity” design printed as a card in the Unlimited Freedom deck.


AS:  Describe your designs and the concept behind them.

DW:  My designs are digital, geometric patterns created from automatic drawings. I never know what they’ll look like ahead of time, although I sometimes set intentions before I start drawing. For instance, with the card decks and personal portraits, I tune into specific energies to create the related images.

The patterns generally have no recognizable symbols, which stumps your mind long enough for the energy to forge a connection with your Spirit. Your body interprets the telepathic messages in the geometry without filtering through your thoughts, allowing your cells to drink in the clean energy they’re looking for.


Spiritual card decks by artist Dana Weekley

Weekley’s designs produced as Wisdom Card decks


AS:  What products and formats have you developed in order to sell your work?

DW:  My objective is to inspire people, especially women and artists, to know and honor themselves as the beautiful, powerful beings they truly are. To do that, I created card decks to be used as tools for daily support and guidance. These decks are inexpensive and accessible, which gives me the opportunity to share my work with a larger audience, and gives customers a chance to feel the work before investing in a canvas print or a portrait.

Also, because my finished work is digital, the images lend themselves to all kinds of products. I get requests for things like blankets, yoga mats, tapestries, tee shirts and even puzzles, so I use DIY online stores to fulfill those orders.


Harmony digital design shown in room view

“Harmony” digital art shown in situ


AS:  You’ve created two iPhone apps for your Unlimited Freedom and Peace and Harmony card decks. How did you make them? How are the apps used, and why do people find them so appealing?

DW:  Fortunately for me, my son was willing and able to write iOS apps. The first one was an adventure, as neither of us had done it before. The creative collaboration was incredibly inspiring, and since the apps have published, the positive response has been thrilling.

I hear from people who use the apps every day for guidance and know the cards are speaking directly to them. Others say the messages boost their confidence, shift their mood and brighten their day. Some use the images for meditation and relaxation. Even kids love them. Most who use the apps form personal relationships with the energies and begin to count on them for support. These are the people who come back for prints of their favorite cards.


Digital art by Dana Weekley shown in a room view

The Nine Tomatoes Instagram feed features complex images and room views.


AS:  Your Instagram feed is astonishing. How did you come up with this concept, and how do you manage social media?

DW:  Thank you, I do have fun with Instagram. The grid can be a little restrictive though, so I create pieces in specific sizes to fit on any number of rows. For instance, I’ll create a large, square collage to showcase a card, using close-up and in situ images. Then I cut that square into 9 equal parts and post them sequentially to Instagram to form the whole picture.

To make things even easier, I use an app called Later to also manage Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. It gives me more creative control and frees me from the distraction of working directly within the social apps. I highly recommend using a management app for creating and maintaining your social media presence.


"Abundance" digital design by Dana Weekley

Nine Tomatoes’ marketing shots combine close ups with product shots.


AS:  What type of response have you received from customers?

DW:  This work attracts the nicest people who share very positive feedback with me. I think it’s because the art mirrors their own energy, whether they’re aware of it or not. It touches them deeply, making them feel seen, heard and supported. This work comes from a source we all have access to, and if I can inspire others to look for the same energy inside themselves, I know they’ll find it, which ultimately benefits us all. When the work resonates, people know it. And as long as I trust myself, speak authentically and come from a deep place of strength, compassion and personal truth, the connections take care of themselves.


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  1. Carolyn, thank you for your interest in my work, and your incredible mix of professionalism and down-to-earth, practical wisdom. I always enjoy talking with you!

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