Use Press Releases to Get Your Art Noticed

Press releases are a marketing basic, and there are different types artists can write. Here’s how to create releases for different audiences.

Featured Artist Vera Neel

Painter Vera Neel shares a fascinating story of her journey as an artist, and a collection from her beautiful portfolio.

Featured Artist Carl McKinley

Watercolorist Carl McKinley shares a classic collection of wildlife paintings and his story of a long career dedicated to art.

Call for Artists, Summer 2023

Artsy Shark needs 48 artists to feature and promote in coming months. Submissions are now being accepted. Deadline to apply is June 22, 2023.

Featured Artist Heather Cohen

Textile artist Heather Cohen uses different painting techniques to create boldly colorful patterned wearable art.

Plan for Success by Mapping Your Art Business

Here’s a method of “big picture” planning to guide you in building your art business.

Featured Artist George Mattei

George Mattei shares a stunning collection of photographs that capture idyllic images of the Jersey shore.

Featured Artist Christopher Rico

Christopher Rico’s ink and acrylic paintings dance across the surface of the paper with a controlled energy.

Featured Artist Katherine Steichen Rosing

Artist Katherine Steichen Rosing paints the the delicate ecosystems of forests and watersheds.

Featured Artist Shelley Benjamin

Artist Shelley Benjamin presents an intriguing collection of digital photography rich in color and atmosphere.

Featured Artist Stephen Prior

Artist Stephen Prior’s Deconstructed Series uses geometric shapes to explore themes of connectivity and harmony.

Featured Artist Sue Krzyston

Artist Sue Krzyston’s exquisite paintings capture fine details of the Native American artifacts in her still lifes.

Selling Products that Combine Art and Spirit

Artist Dana Weekley of Nine Tomatoes developed an interesting business model to sell her mesmerizing designs. We spoke about developing products, and using tech to sell.