Featured Artist Darcy Meeker

Artist Darcy Meeker captures the essence of each stone she carves into flowing organic sculpture. Visit her website to see more of her work.


Stone sculpture of a man's head by Darcy Meeker

“Wind of Change” Alabaster Sculpture, 11” x 14” x 8”


I carved my first stone at a two-day workshop and traded it with the teacher for a set of tools and a new stone. Soon, I resigned from my science journalism position at the University of Florida to pursue this new passion for carving stone.


Stone sculpture of a British Lion by Darcy Meeker

“British Lion” Italian white Alabaster Sculpture, 12” x 14” x 11”


I moved to Blacksburg, Virginia with my love to sculpt a new life. That was thirty years ago.


Stone sculpture of a flower by Darcy Meeker

“Milya’s Flower” Italian Alabaster Sculpture, 6” x 8” x 4”


I am a military brat, so I’m a rolling stone. By the time I was eleven, my family had moved eighteen times. I am experience-oriented, not place-oriented. At two years old, I recall touching a wooden sculpture in the Marshall Islands.


Stone sculpture of an abstract spiral by Darcy Meeker

“Spiral Dance” Italian Alabaster Sculpture, 14” x 17” x 7”


My sculpture is alive to me. I want you to feel the touch of my creations.


Detail of a stone sculpture of a shaman's face by Darcy Meeker

“Shaman’s Journey” (Detail) Mexican Orange Alabaster Sculpture, 10” x 11” x 8”


I sculpt in stone, clay, silk, aluminum and copper, creating art from nearly anything I can find. I also paint, do collage and create prints with a variety of materials and the same wide-ranging enthusiasm.


Stone sculpture of a woman's upper torso by Darcy Meeker

“Queen of Heaven” Italian Crystal Alabaster Sculpture, 27” x 16” x 12”


My goals with public art are attention to intricate detail and dramatic impact. The viewer gets awareness with a glance and an appreciation more profound from careful consideration.


Stone sculpture and detail of a swan by Darcy Meeker

Left: “Leda’s Daughter” Italian White Alabaster Sculpture, 18” x 12” x 11” Right: “Leda’s Daughter” (Detail)


My public art commissions include The Baptismal Font and Easter Cross for St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Baltimore and Elephant Vine, a large public sculpture for General Electric in Schenectady, New York. I have also been commissioned by private collectors from coast to coast. I participate in ongoing solo and group art exhibitions.


Abstract stone sculpture of an owl by Darcy Meeker

“Owl” Selenite and Soapstone Sculpture, 6” x 12” x 6”


My sculpture is featured at A New Leaf Gallery in Floyd, Virginia. Other fine art, small art and jewelry are exhibited at Heartwood Gallery in Abingdon, Virginia, and Studio 221 in Floyd, Virginia.


Abstract stone sculpture of a chrysalis by Darcy Meeker

“Chrysalis” Italian White Alabaster Sculpture, 7” x 7” x 4”


I am not afraid to take risks. I was diagnosed with myotonic muscular dystrophy at the inception of my path as a professional artist, so I continually adapt my methods to my body’s changing abilities.


Abstract stone sculpture by Darcy Meeker

“Sleeps Under Mountains” Colorado Alabaster Sculpture (detail), 14” x 26” x 4”


In addition, I had a stroke nearly a decade ago. Instead of closing my studio, I focused on kinetic public art installations with my design and fabrication team, The Color Project TM. My lollipops will be installed in Portland, Oregon and East Chicago, Indiana, this fall.


Artist Darcy Meeker invites you to follow her on Instagram and Facebook and on The Color Project.


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