Featured Artist Clifton Webb

Inspired by African culture, artist Clifton Webb creates abstract sculpture with a visual message of positive change.

Featured Artist Angela Verlaeckt Clark

Canadian artist Angela Verlaeckt Clark creates hand carved stone sculptures inspired by the natural earthscape.

Featured Artist Jane Hibbert

Artist Jane Hibbert offers a collection of sculptures that express the balance in nature and invite tactile exploration.

Featured Artist William Kolok

Artist William Kolok creates bold abstract sculptures created with reclaimed and natural materials.

Featured Artist Jean-Frederic Batassé

Artist Jean-Frederic Batassé presents a collection of figurative stone sculpture inspired by the depth of human emotion.

Featured Artist Darcy Meeker

Artist Darcy Meeker captures the essence of each stone she carves into flowing organic sculpture.

Featured Artist T Barny

My sculptures bring symmetry and energy to the stone. I carve with the movement the rock wants to release.