Featured Artist Holli May Thomas

Artist Holli May Thomas creates mixed media assemblages filled with color and energy. Enjoy her portfolio and visit her website to see more.


mixed media collage of a bicycle by artist Holli May Thomas

“Town and Country” Mixed Media, 16″ x 12″


A found tube of red drugstore lipstick is to be blamed.


Abstract mixed media assemblage of a female competitive swimmer by Holli May Thomas

“Stay in your Lane” Mixed Media, 16″ x 20″


As a child, my grandmother would watch over us while mom was working. My curiosity is frequently a steel trap that I am unable to shut. I dug around the grand matriarch’s buried treasure drawer of mysterious cosmetics. It was wonderful to feel the smooth and creamy shades of pinks and reds between my fingers and her pristine white bathroom was an empty canvas begging to be finger painted.


Mixed media assemblage of a woman runner by Holli May Thomas

“Into the Light” Mixed Media, 20” x 16”


My frequent inquisitiveness exasperated my mom and I was placed in art classes at an early age.


mixed media artwork by Holli May Thomas

“Repeating Patterns” Mixed Media, 20″ x 16″


Later in life, I remember seeing LeRoy Neiman’s work and examining his brush strokes. I loved his energetic use of color in his pieces about basketball players and runners. I knew at that moment the painting style that I was being taught wasn’t the direction my compass should be leading me. And I wanted to recreate that same energy using my own style that was continuing to evolve.


Abstract Mixed media assemblage of a female form rising by Holli May Thomas

“Ascension” Mixed Media, 20″ x 16”


Throughout the years I taught reading and writing at the high school level. Journal entry after journal entry of inspirational stories crossed my desk about students overcoming tremendous odds. I am an optimist by nature and the victory of the human spirit on paper continued to keep my glass half full and provided visuals for future storytelling on canvas.


Mixed media assemblage of a motorcycle by Holli May Thomas

“Highway Hero” Mixed Media, 12” x 9”


Reading and writing have always served as dense fertilizer for my imagination. I am attracted to the same themes that capture my favorite author’s attention—exploration, personal strength and positive energy. Other sources of inspiration arrive from participating in simple activities that bring me down the path of joy such as biking, swimming, dancing and listening to music.


Abstract mixed media and collage assemblage of a dancing female figure by Holli May Thomas

“Cosmic Dancer” Mixed Media and Collage, 24″ x 36″


As a child I always had rocks or some other doodad in my pocket that I had found; so, no surprise that as an adult I developed a passion for incorporating funky found objects into my pieces.


Mixed media and collage assemblage of a bike by Holli May Thomas

“CrossTown Traffic” Mixed Media and Collage, 16″ x 12”


Vintage papers, gears, upcycled electronic components and hardware make me swoon. I enjoy incorporating those little bits of magic into my paintings.


mixed media assemblage by artist Holli May Thomas

“Working My Way Back to You”Mixed Media 12″ X 16”


My current process begins with multi-layered abstract backgrounds using mediums and papers. I manipulate layers of paint to create flow and vitality through color. Dipping the end of my paintbrush into a bold palette and presenting an optimistic view of the future is where I feel at home.


Abstract mixed media assemblage of a joyful female figure by Holli May Thomas

“I Will Rise Again” Mixed Media, 24″ x 36″


My current work reflects strong women who are involved in a bit of soul searching. I am ecstatic to see where my next adventure in paint meets my horizon on canvas.


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