Featured Artist Deana Bada Maloney

Artist Deana Bada Maloney creates animal sculptures that honor nature while sending a message about mankind’s impact on the environment. See more of her fascinating work by visiting her website.


Stoneware and found object sculpture of a giraffe's head caught in barbed wire by Deana Bada Maloney

“The Deconstruction of Marius” Stoneware, Glaze, Acrylic and Found Object, 16” x 24” x 8”


In everything I create, I draw inspiration from nature.


Stoneware and found object sculpture of an otter with a shell by Deana Bada Maloney

“Odysseus” Stoneware, Oxide and Shell, 10” x 12” x 12”


I am awestruck at the beauty, magic and mystery of the natural world. I try to capture the essence of that in my work.


Stoneware and mixed media sculpture of a lion's head by Deana Bada Maloney


What I try to strive for in each of my pieces is a sort of trifecta for the viewer. This includes a celebration of the living form, a translation of the structure of how something is built, and a capture of the transcendental presence of the subject.


Stoneware and found object sculpture of a groundhog in a can of baked beans by Deana Bada Maloney

“Frank n’ Beans” Stoneware, Oxide and Found Object, 6” x 7” x 5”


It is important that my pieces tell a story for the viewer. The viewer is charged with figuring the meaning of that story out.


Stoneware and found object sculpture of a ground hog with him mouth full of cigarette butts by Deana Bada Maloney

“Nic Fit” Stoneware, Oxide and Found Object, 7” x 9” x 6”


I draw from myths, religions or the state of the world around us, using symbolism to reveal the story, meaning or feeling I want the viewer to engage in. I accomplish this with a mixture of posture, expression and found materials I might use in any given piece.


Stoneware and found object of a rabbit stuck in a Pringle's can by Deana Bada Maloney

“Splitting Hare” Stoneware, Oxide and Found Object, 10” x 5” x 6”


When I use found materials, they are from the subject’s natural surroundings or are key components of what I am portraying.


Stoneware and found object sculpture of a bird on a broken glass bottle by Deana Bada Maloney

“Nectar” Stoneware, Oxide and Found Object, 4” x 8”


One continuous theme in my work is the visual documentation of how we are affecting our natural landscape with our consumption waste.


Stoneware and found object sculpture of a raccoon caught in a net by Deana Bada Maloney

“What a Drag” Stoneware, Oxide, Ink and Found Objects, 48” x 16” x 12”


I portray how the native animals in the Midwest are adapting to a landscape of landfill. I use the animal to provide a nice start to the story. Then I insert found objects that are a bit jarring, and that the animal has adapted to living in, with or around. I hope these pieces give the viewer a bit of a laugh, then makes them sad and disgusted.


Stoneware WIP of a full size cayote by Deana Bada Maloney

“Aurora” Stoneware work in progress, Full Size Coyote


I received a BFA in Drawing and Painting from the Art Institute of Chicago, where I focused on life drawing, painting, anatomy and scientific illustration. Only recently have I found clay to be a medium for me to express the beauty of the world around us and stories woven within all things.


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