Featured Artist Luis Almeida

Artist Luis Almeida uses DigiVibrado, a technique he developed which allows him to add a dynamic vibrancy to his photographs. More of his work can be found on his website.


Digital photograph of people in a sunflower field by Luis Almeida

“Sunflower Fields” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


Photography is an adventure and my technique is much more than just using my camera. I take the editing process as a means to express ideas I couldn’t otherwise get across.


Digital Photograph of a cannon overlooking a town by Luis Almeida

“Cannon on High” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


I want to explore different styles, lights, textures and poses. I love traditional black and white as well as vibrant colors and digital alterations. And I never want to become stagnant, so I produce images that are easily identifiable as “mine”. As I grow and experiment, I hope the viewer becomes more open to things outside their comfort zone.


Digital photograph of a church interior by Luis Almeida

“Center Aisle” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


My images represent the many facets of me as an individual. I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a professor and a photographer.


Digital photograph of a Macaw by Luis Almeida

“Macaw In Dots” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


One of my goals is to always show the beauty and wonder of God through my images, whether they are traditional photographs or altered images. Another goal is to show my unique viewpoint of being a naturalized citizen.


Digital Photograph of a peacock by Luis Almeida

“Peacock” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


I have made a huge effort to assimilate to American culture. My wife often tells me that I’m more patriotic than most Americans.


Digital photograph of a woman by Luis Almeida

“Fantasy Photo Shoot” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


Traveling the United States, living, working and creating a life here, I really thought that I was American through and through. However, I now realize that I can’t erase the past or my origins. I am from Brazil and I do see the United States from a different viewpoint.


Digital photograph of a cotton field by Luis Almeida

“Cotton on High” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


Now, instead of trying to hide this unique viewpoint, I have embraced it.


Digital photograph of a sidewalk in spring by Luis Almeida

“Spring Blooms” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


I truly hope that through the images and the variations of each image, the viewer may see a glimpse into myself. I want to experiment and grow in photography while also giving myself to the viewer.


Digital photograph looking up as a train bridge by Luis Almeida

“Looking Up” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


I want the viewer to see the love of God, the surrealness of life, the world from a different perspective. I hope to convey the vibrancy of life, even in my black and whites.


Digital photograph of a water wheel by Luis Almeida

“Water Wheel” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


Photography is so much more than clicking a button. It’s even more than all the editing software. Photography is my way to show you the world through my eyes.


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