Featured Artist Dave Maes

Photographer Dave Maes selectively incorporates color with black and white, creating a visually intriguing portfolio. Visit his website to see more.


Black & White and color photograph of a cabin at St. Elmo in Colorado by Dave Maes

“Cabin at St. Elmo, Colorado” Photograph, Various Sizes


Since I was very young, I have always loved hiking and exploring the amazing and inspiring mountains of my home state of Colorado.


Black & white photograph with color of a bristlecone pine tree by Dave Maes

“Bristlecone Pine” Photograph, Various Sizes


I acquired my first film camera when I was sixteen. This gave me the opportunity to combine taking photos of nature and anything unusual with my love of adventure. I also learned the entire darkroom process, from developing film to printing the final image in black and white and color.


Black & white photograph with color of a Gold Mt. Flower by Dave Maes

“Gold Mountain Flower” Photograph, Various Sizes


Photography became my life-long passion. I was able to display my work in galleries and museums and sell many of my images.


Black & white photograph with color of a dilapidated Jeep with an American Flag by Dave Maes

“She’s Seen Better Days” Photograph, Various Sizes


The introduction of digital photography provided new opportunities and allowed me to capture interesting images. I quickly embraced this new technology which gave me more artistic expression.


Black & white and color photograph of an old car in front of the Sangre de Cristo Mtns. by Dave Maes

“Old Truck and Sangre de Cristo Mountains” Photograph, Various Sizes


After my retirement from the fire service I was able to devote all my time and effort into fulfilling my life-long aspiration to travel and capture images of the many wonderful things in the world. I strive to capture the essence of a scene. I tell a story through the image, whether it’s complex or even as simple as an old barn or abandoned relic.


Black & white and color photograph of a paddle wheel in New Orleans by Dave Maes

“Paddle Wheel and Bridge, New Orleans” Photograph, Various Sizes


My photographic collection grew so much that my wife and I decided to enter the art show circuit. From there, I quickly understood that to stand out I was going to have to come up with a fresh angle.


Black & white photograph with color of a white magnolia in New Orleans by Dave Maes

“White Magnolia, New Orleans” Photograph, Dave Maes


This was no easy task.


Black & white and color photograph of the Cemetery in Morpeth, England by Dave Maes

“Cemetery in Morpeth” Photograph, Various Sizes


One day, after experimenting with an image and changing it from full color to black and white with color in a specified area, I realized that I really enjoyed the transformation and artistic intent that this provided. I started to incorporate this technique with more photographs.


Black & White and color photograph of Ridgeway Firehouse by Dave Maes

“Ridgeway Firehouse” Photograph, Various Sizes


I tentatively introduced my first black and white with selective color photograph, “Ridgway Firehouse,” at a show where it was well received. From there I began to look for opportunities to feature the remarkable contrast that can be found in the procedure of selective color.


Black & white photograph with color of a doorman in India by Dave Maes

“The Doorman, India” Photograph, Various Sizes


I now feel that I have developed my own personal style. I have found my niche and I am inspired to produce a collection of black and white with selective color images.


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