Featured Artist Jacqueline Coates

Sensuous, lush and luminous, artist Jacqueline Coates’ floral portraits are a feast for the eyes. Learn more about this artist by visiting her website.


peony floral painting by Jacqueline Coates

“Crepescule” acrylic on canvas, 120cm x 90cm


By my mid-twenties, I longed to be an artist—yet was terrified to make a start. I began painting flowers in thick oils with my fingers. Later, I attended art college for structure, then continued working and painting part-time. Being around art was a total love affair, yet I struggled to make it work financially.


painted portrait of pink roses by Jacqueline Coates

“Summer Roses Lausanne” oil on canvas, 150cm x 120cm


One night I dreamed I was inside a deep red rose. An opera diva emerged from the centre, swathed in petals. The rose interior became a velvety auditorium as she let rip at the top of her lungs. I then clearly saw myself painting large-scale, deep red, rose paintings. Waking from this powerful dream, I worked out how I could make this vision become a part of my life. I painted a seven-foot square painting and was invited to show it in a major gallery.


portrait of pink roses by Jacqueline Coates

“Blushing Roses” oil on canvas, 100cm x 120cm


When I unexpectedly became a single mom of two children under the age of two, I decided to exhibit my blooms paintings. This was the start of believing in myself as an artist. I adored losing myself in the colour and folds of peonies, roses, tulips, and other blooms.


floral painting by Jacqueline Coates

“Blooms Bouquet” acrylic and oil on canvas, 100cm x 100cm


I sold over half of my paintings during one of my shows and gained publicity and enough commissions to support me for at least a year. This work became the foundation of what I do today, which includes not only painting but teaching others how to access their creativity.


painting of julia roses by Jacqueline Coates

“Julia Roses” acrylic on canvas, 150cm x 120cm


I moved to rural Barossa Valley in the south of Australia into a beautiful stone ruin I purchased and renovated at low cost. It was a step that was crucial to securing control over my financial life as an artist as well as creating a magical place to raise my kids.


painting of a Nohant Peony by Jacqueline Coates

“Peony Nohant” acrylic on canvas, 101cm x 76cm


I began to find there was a growing demand from others for my teaching skills. This led to my first workshop in 2002. I developed a simple system of painting that anyone could apply and which ensured great results. My students were thrilled. I discovered I loved teaching as well as painting.


painting of a paris peony by Jacqueline Coates

“Paris Peony” oil on canvas, 120cm x 90cm


I later created a large professional creative space and art hub—Salon Rouge Gallery—and wrote my Blooms online painting programs, reaching out internationally to students. I still call the Barossa Valley home, although I teach across Australia, France, New Zealand and recently in the United States. The stunning results my students achieve in oils and acrylics and the positive life changes they experience are very rewarding.


painting of hydrangeas in Limousin, France by Jacqueline Coates

“Limousin Hydrangeas” oil on canvas, 100cm x 125cm


In 2016, I created a painting studio in the heart of rural Limousin, France where the Impressionists once painted. I share this inspiration with others through my French Art School. I take groups from Paris to Monet’s Giverny in the Loire as well as to Limousin through the spring and autumn seasons.


painting of a Monaco Peony by Jacqueline Coates

“Monaco Peony” acrylic on canvas, 122cm x 106cm


Art has brought lasting beauty and stability in my life. I’ve had wonderful adventures, challenges that have allowed me to grow, and opportunities to meet many wonderful people and make lasting friendships. My son Hannibal is an amazing portrait artist. My daughter Lily is set to study fashion design in Paris.


Artist Jacqueline Coates with her painting "Calvacade of Cream Roses"

Artist Jacqueline Coates with “Calvacade of Cream Roses” oil on canvas, 122cm x 198cm


I can’t recommend becoming an artist enough!


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