Featured Artist Lisa Frances Judd

Australian artist Lisa Frances Judd presents an uplifting collection of whimsical paintings. View more of her portfolio by visiting her website.


stylized painting of flower blooms by Lisa Frances Judd

“Blooming Delightful” acrylic on canvas, 101cm x 101cm


As a full-time artist, I work from my art studio in the beautiful Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Australia.


stylized landscape with the sun by Lisa Frances Judd

“Bright Sun Shiny Day” acrylic on canvas, 122cm x 91cm


Surrounded by so much amazing Australian bush and natural beauty, it’s no surprise that my artistic practice is inspired by and focused on the natural world.


stylized florals with birdhouses by Lisa Frances Judd

“Can’t Wait Til Spring” acrylic and collage on canvas, 152cm x 101cm


My distinctive abstracted acrylic paintings feature bold colour palettes and are full of the patterns, shapes and textures I see in nature. I love to combine organic and geometric shapes in my work to create visual interest.


stylized landscape by Lisa Frances Judd

“Beyond the Wild Flowers” acrylic on canvas, 122cm x 91cm


A few of my favorite art subjects are flowers, gardens, birds and quirky landscapes. My work is categorized into different series—for example, Modern Landscapes and Bold Florals.


stylized floral portrait by Lisa Frances Judd

“Blooming Marvelous” acrylic on canvas, 183cm x 91cm


Rather than painting “what is” I enjoy reinventing what I see into my own imaginative interpretation by creating a whimsical world.


stylized painting of a cup with flowers by Lisa Frances Judd

“Cup of Joy” acrylic on canvas, 45cm x 45cm


In a world where so much of what we see and experience on a day to day basis is pessimistic, my aim is to take my viewer to a happier place and evoke uplifting feelings.


Abstract floral still life with nesting dolls by Lisa Frances Judd

“Babushka Love” acrylic on canvas, 101cm x 101cm


I sell my paintings in various ways—direct from artist and via online art galleries in Australia, the United States and France. I also enjoy creating commissioned paintings for both private and business clients.


stylized landscape at dusk by Lisa Frances Judd

“Sanctuary” acrylic on canvas, 102cm x 51cm


I am an independent artist (not gallery represented) but I would consider gallery representation if the right opportunity arose.


stylized floral painting by Lisa Frances Judd

“The Future’s So Bright” acrylic on canvas, 183cm x 91cm


Many of my paintings grace art collections across the world. I have been fortunate enough to have had numerous solo exhibitions and been a part of many group art shows in Australia. I look forward to future opportunities to show my work locally and internationally.


Artist Lisa Frances Judd

Artist Lisa Frances Judd


In addition to creating my original paintings, I have in place a number of successful art licenses with both Australian and international companies. I’m always looking for new opportunities in this area. I am delighted that my art is available as quality wall art prints and a wide variety of everyday products that everyone can enjoy.


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