Featured Artist Judi Goolsby

Artist Judi Goolsby’s multi-layered naive paintings share narratives from her life experience and memories. Enjoy more by visiting her website.


Whimsical painting inspired by Matisse

“Henri… Memory Box” acrylic, 36″ x 36″


I love what I do!


painting of afternoon tea on a chair by Judi Goolsby

“Afternoon Tea On A Studio Chair” acrylic, 30” x 36”


I’m a narrative painter, writer and author. I paint stories.


painting of canisters in a kitchen corner by Judi Goolsby

“Casa Rio Kitchen Corner” acrylic, 24” x 30”


I have always been creative and artistic but I came to painting later in my career. I never studied art formally. A sixth grade teacher told me I shouldn’t take art, so I didn’t. Perhaps this was a blessing in disguise, as I compiled a wealth of experiences to rely on once I began to paint.


painting of Black Madonna Honey by Judi Goolsby

“Black Madonna Honey” acrylic, fabric and mica, 48” x 60”


I did have the privilege of living my life from a creative point of view. I guess I consider myself a child of the South. Many childhood summers were spent with my father’s parents home in Louisiana after his death in WWII, when I was a toddler. Spending time with my crazy aunts and uncles in the bayou gave me images to last a lifetime. I have no lack of narrative when I put a paintbrush on canvas.


Naive painting of an interior by Judy Goolsby

“Casa Rio Interior” acrylic, 30″ x 24″


There can be a sense of humor in my work. My family loved to laugh and I learned to laugh at myself. Always a good lesson.


painting of a bathroom countertop by Judi Goolsby

“Studio Bath…Polish, Not Paint” acrylic, 30” x 36”


I am best known for my bright, colorful, multi-layered acrylic paintings. My style is a little childlike, naive and primitive in a sophisticated way. I paint what I know.


painting of a niche in her Casa Rio home by Judi Goolsby

“Casa Rio Nicho” acrylic, 48” x 48”


A “sense” of place can be seen in many of my interior paintings. Spending time in Louisiana, living in Colorado, Texas, and now in Santa Fe, New Mexico, has definitely inspired me. Matisse, Van Gogh, Warhol and Basquiat are some favorite artists whose work I admire. At one time in my life I was a first grade teacher, and I believe children’s drawings are magical and special.


painting of Andy Warhol's memory box by Judi Goolsby

“Andy…Memory Box” acrylic and mica, 36” x 36”


My own work has multiple layers. The process begins with coating the canvas with gel medium for texture. Paint comes next. When dry, some is hosed off with the garden hose, dried and more paint applied. Images are put on and many times covered with another layer. I sometimes sketch with a story in mind but the finished painting usually changes. I love surprising myself.


painting of silver salt and pepper shakers from Fair Oaks Plantation by Judi Goolsby

“Fair Oaks Silver” acrylic and metallic paint, 24” x 30”


The Cajun South definitely influenced my life, my art and my writing. It is reflected in my book, Y’ALL…Painted Memories Of The South, a collection of paintings and the stories that inspired them.


Artist Judi Goolsby/Artist Judi Goolsby's book Y’ALL…Painted Memories Of The South

Artist Judi Goolsby/Artist Judi Goolsby’s book Y’ALL…Painted Memories Of The South


If viewers look at my work and see their own story—not just mine—I am happy. If you smile after you look, I am happy. And if you think of a way to tell your own story, I’m thrilled.


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