Featured Artist Rose Collins

Artist Rose Collin shares a collection of colorfully expressive wildlife portraits. See more of her engaging portfolio by visiting her website.


painting of a fox with a bee by Rose Collins

“Peaches Meets Buzz” oil, 24″ x 30″


I am delighted to present my portfolio of wildlife animals displaying my unique color style with graphic design blocks of color or textured backgrounds. It all started with photography and the national parks. I then picked up a brush and began to paint. Retirement has been a time of discovery and creation and I invite my viewers to experience my vision of The Secret World of Wildlife through my art.


painting of a Big Horn Sheep by Rose Collins

“Rocky Mountain Majesty” oil, 30″ x 24″


The eyes of all of my wild animals create a bridge for the viewer to connect to their humanity and emotional world. The wildlife facial expressions reveal their reactions and can convey perhaps the gentlest of hearts, reticence, hesitation, inquisitiveness, wonder, alarm and wariness.


painting of a fox by Rose Collins

“Am I Late for the Party?” oil, 18″ x 36″


It is my objective to portray the similarity of expressions between ourselves and wildlife, connecting us to the humanity of these magnificent animals on a sensory and human level. If my viewers experience an emotional reaction to these living beings, then I have succeeded.


painting of an American Bison by Rose Collins

“Grand Teton Bull” oil, 30″ x 40″


When I moved to Tucson in 1998, I had just retired from working as a therapist in the field of psychology. My new found joy—painting and photography—was the beginning of my journey into discovering the world of wildlife.


painting of a fox and a bird by Rose Collins

“Hitching a Ride” oil, 30″ x 30″


“Hitching A Ride” just makes me smile. During this pandemic, laughter and happiness are at a premium; so I try to create art that expresses goodness and fun.


painting of a Barn Owl in flight by Rose Collins

“Barn Owl” oil, 48″ x 24″


My avian friends have inspired some very fun paintings. “Barn Owl” caught the eye of a new collector at an art show and she returned to buy.


painting of a fox following the scent in snow by Rose Collins

“Follow the Scent” oil, 36″ x 18″


I have recently discovered the whimsical nature of the fox. The red fox in particular lends itself to my vision of these critters. I do see the silver fox as a possibility for me to explore in the future, but first I will have to develop a new color palette.


painting of a coyote by Rose Collins

“Rainbow Coyote” oil, 30″ x 30″


I allowed myself to just play with color when painting the coyote in “Rainbow Coyote.” On one of my many golf cart rides in my community I spotted this coyote. He was absolutely delightful, displaying an attitude of utter defiance. He was trying to stare me down, so I just kept clicking away with my camera. It was a match made in heaven.


painting of a Big Horn sheep by Rose Collins

“Ram Bo II” oil, 20″ x 16″


Painting the horns of sheep, goats and bighorn sheep is a challenge, as their beautiful designs and colors are amazingly intricate. I enjoy adding a bit of color and my own style to enhance what I see.


painting of a Pronghorn Antelope by Rose Collins

“Pronghorn Patty” oil, 18″ x 24″


During my last trip to Yellowstone, I had the opportunity to photograph pronghorn antelopes. I soon learned to love them as much as I love the fox. Not only are they the fastest mammals on the North American continent, but they display a certain whimsy that is very endearing. So that’s how “Pronghorn Patty” came about; paint her I must, especially with a flower in her mouth.


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  1. I like the owl best. Lots of detailed colors.

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