Featured Artist Daria Solar

Polish artist Daria Solar’s paintings focus on the relationship between humans and Artificial Intelligence. Learn more about this artist by visiting her website.


oil painting of the Thinker by Daria Solar

“@ thinker” oil on canvas, 50cm x 80cm


I would call myself, assuming such movement existed, a technological symbolist. This makes me quite a rare artistic species…at least in Poland, where I live. In my art I focus on the intricate relationship between humans and A.I. and some people call me “the first Solar”.


figurative painting of two women creating a circuit by Daria Solar

“Circuit” oil on canvas, 100cm x 80cm


The first and most unnerving theme I developed is called “Electric”.  It is manned with hypnotizing neo-human protagonists. They guide you through the world of technological discoveries, challenges and threats where technology and politics are interwoven into one undistinguishable unity.


figurative painting of a priestess by Daria Solar

“GMO Priestess” oil on canvas, 120cm x 100cm


Most of them are women, whom I relate to and absolutely adore for their subtle, yet versatile power.


figurative painting of a female Russian bot by Daria Solar

“Brexit Russian Connection” oil on canvas, 90cm x 70cm


I present the gruesome side of technology in a Chinese super-surveillance robot celebrating the Anonymous’ death, and a Russian bot slowly but steadily dismantling EU.


figurative painting of a boy cyborg by Daria Solar

“Virtual Boy” oil on canvas, 50cm x 80cm


There are also virtual boy-toy and the girls—independent so far as the cables allow. And a journey to the stars in a NIKE 2.0, SpaceX’s winged victory.


futuristic painting of the Winged Nike as a spacecraft by Daria Solar

“Nike 2.0” oil on canvas, 120cm x 220cm


Another significant theme I explore in my art is an insight into the inner world of computers. Hidden to the human eye exist dusty, mechanical landscapes. These “internal landscapes” (one of which currently displays the very text that you are reading) are meant to enchant and relax.


painting of a computer's inner landscape by Daria Solar

“One Night in Bangkok” oil on canvas, 120cm x 75cm


I got the idea to look for inspiration in those boring, buzzing metal boxes when, due to my concern regarding data security, I opened the case of my old computer to remove the hard drive before scrapping it. I saw what was inside and fell in love.


inner computer landscape by Daria Solar

“Metropolis” oil on canvas, 120cm x 60cm


Creating these paintings is an excellent escape—a detox and safe haven for me—in which I unwind after the emotional trauma I feel when painting my horrifying, legless cyborgs.


figurative painting of two cyborg women by Daria Solar

“All Daughters of Lot” oil on canvas, 75cm x 120cm


My path to becoming an artist was a determined one. Despite the fact that my family did literally everything possible to detract me from this career, I was meant to be a scholar, hence my philological studies. As I gained financial independence, I returned to art. Enrolled in numerous painting courses, I took tutelage from art professors and excellent realist artists. I finished a post graduate degree in artistic computer graphics studies.


futuristic figurative painting of a man by Daria Solar

“Strid@r” oil on canvas, 90cm x 150cm


I also visited most of the world’s key museums to see great art in person, hoping to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of it. Finally, I secured a position in the Oscar-nominated Loving Vincent film crew. This helped me develop a spectacularly fast painting speed and powerful wings to fly my own way.


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