Featured Artist Bruce K. Lawes

Artist Bruce K. Lawes works to raise awareness of our natural world through his incredibly realistic and evocative wildlife paintings. Find more of his portfolio on his website.


oil painting of a leopard in a tree by Bruce K. Lawes

“Locked On” oil on linen, 30″ x 40″


If you are a realist like I am, it is the last two percent of effort that makes you stand out among other artists.


painting of a family of African elephants by Bruce K. Lawes

“A Family Affair” oil on linen, 25″ x 20″


As to style, I would call myself a realist painter, but I modify my execution to suit how I want to express the final painting. I will sometimes add some impressionistic qualities to create interest in the composition.


oil painting of an African elephant bathing by Bruce K. Lawes

“Bathing in Glory” oil on linen, 32″ x 24″


For example, softening out certain parts around the main subject pulls your eye into the higher detail. Doing this creates an interesting tension between the background and the main subject, as you see in my painting, ‘Bathing in Glory.’


oil painting of a male lion by Bruce K. Lawes

“Only Have Eyes for You” oil on linen, 14″ x 22″


Through my art I try to evoke your emotion for wildlife and our natural world and create opportunities for conservation and awareness with your help. I seek out worthy programs to use my abilities to raise awareness and much needed funds.


oil painting of two leopards in a tree by Bruce K. Lawes

“In the Shadow of Greatness” oil on linen, 36″ x 24″


I use my storytelling to attract people to the love of our natural world, where they too may protect it and keep it safe, for the generations that follow. As my friend Dr. Jane Goodall said to me, “Only if we care, will we help.”


oil painting of a lynx in the snow by Bruce K. Lawes

“Stepping Out” oil on linen, 24″ x 16″


I have dedicated my life to art, but more importantly, my art has become a vehicle to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the protection of the animals I paint.


Artist Bruce Lawes and Dr. Jane Goodall with painting

Artist Bruce Lawes and Dr. Jane Goodall with fundraising painting “Spirit of the Forest”


I continue to work with Dr. Jane Goodall and I have pledged to raise her one million dollars in the coming years to support her efforts in conservation.


oil painting of a bald eagle flying by Bruce K. Lawes

“All the Majesty” oil on linen, 36″ x 24″


I am presently planning out one of my largest paintings to date—a 6’ x 7’ painting of two charging bull elephants—that will be auctioned off, all in the name of conservation, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Jane Goodall Institute.


oil painting of two Blue Jays and their nestlings by Bruce K. Lawes

“Blue Jays-The New Roster” oil on linen, 18″ x 10″


Even though most people would assume I am solely a wildlife artist, there are occasions where I have explored other subject matter because it influenced me, or out of interest or as a result of what I refer to as circumstance.


oil painting of General Custer by Bruce K. Lawes

“Custer, Before the Storm” oil on linen, 40″ x 60″


The circumstance could be a corporate commission or fundraising project or perhaps even a current or historical event. For example, I have done historical paintings of the Civil War. One in particular, ‘Custer Before the Storm’, was auctioned off at the prestigious Coeur d’Alene art auction. This painting is also being featured on the cover of a hardcover book by historian writer, Adolfo Ovies.


oil painting of an American Bison by Bruce K. Lawes

“Frozen in Time” oil on linen, 24″ x 16″


In summary, I paint to help all I can, and fortunately, this has given my work great purpose. I like to say, I create for something bigger than one person represents, the good of all creatures.


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  1. Hi Bruce, I am so glad that you are doing so much good for the pervasion of the animal kingdom. How empty life would be without the beauty of the animal kingdom. I am so thankful that I was able to be able to pay this beautiful painting to stay in the family for years to come. My mother was a great influence in the animal life….to love and appreciate this great gift from God. You have this great gift to paint and be able to be an important influence for the love of animals. Wish you good health so your work can continue to change hearts regarding life and the beautify for us to enjoy. Maria

    • Thank you Maria for your kind words. I look forward to sending you your first painting of mine very soon. As one of my collectors you make my goal to help with the conservation efforts of Jane Goodall possible.
      Many thanks, Bruce

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