Featured Artist Beth Sheridan

Artist Beth Sheridan presents a collection of vibrant landscape and nature photography. More of her stunning work can be found on her website.


photograph of Dead Horse Point by Beth Sheridan

“Dead Horse Point” photograph, archival pigment print, 20” x 16”


I began my love affair with taking photographs as art in high school when I took my first photography course. We explored the use of film in both black and white and color, processing techniques in the darkroom and using early photo-manipulation through digital scanning and computer aided drawing. I can still see influences of these early explorations in my images today.


photograph of Balanced Rock by Beth Sheridan

“Balanced Rock” photograph, archival pigment print, 24” x 16”


I grew up south of Houston, Texas, where the bright colors and vibrant influences of the Texas-Hispanic culture greatly impacted my view of the world. Lively colors such as reds and greens adorned many of the buildings and local environment.


photograph of a bison in the snow by Beth Sheridan

“Bison in Snow” photograph, archival pigment print, 26” x 20”


My view of my environment, and therefore my art, is toned through the lens of my childhood and similarly vivacious hues.


photograph of a winter mountain scene by Beth Sheridan

“Winter River Crossing” photograph, archival pigment print, 24” x 16”


My health has had a great impact on my choice of subjects. Born with a defective immune system, I often seek out subject matter I can photograph without compromising my health. My subjects tend toward landscapes, nature, botanicals and wildlife. If I photograph people, it is often street photography, distanced and unposed, capturing them in the environment I was in as well.


photograph of an overhead view of ducks on ice by Beth Sheridan

“Ducks on Ice” photograph, archival pigment print, 24” x 16”


I am also a rocket scientist. My art reflects my love of learning all things computer, technology, process and digital. My photographs are unique in the processes I use to create them.


photograph of the Mesa Arch by Beth Sheridan

“Mesa Arch Sun flare 2” photograph, archival pigment print, 28” x 16”


I have been influenced and taught by NASA photographers, the same ones who teach our astronauts to take photographs during their missions in space.


photograph of the Smoky Mountains by Beth Sheridan

“Smoky Mountains Autumn 2” photograph, archival pigment print, 24” x 16”


This scientific approach to photography ensures details are the focus of every story told.


photograph of a bull elk by Beth Sheridan

“Bull Elk in Autumn 5” photograph, archival pigment print, 20” x 14”


Photography serves as an outlet for my creative brain. As a rocket scientist, I spend much of my time immersed in difficult and complex processes. My art is my healing therapy; it allows me to decompress in the serenity of the scenes that I capture.


photograph of a cabin in winter by Beth Sheridan

“Winter Cabin” photograph, archival pigment print, 24” x 16”


Art is a healing factor to me, and I believe in its power to help keep me healthy.


Artist Beth Sheridan

Artist Beth Sheridan


I believe people can change their outlooks through changing the art in their environments. With this in mind, my goal is to bring my art to as many people as I can by keeping art, and the artist, accessible.


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