Featured Artist Sandy Oppenheimer

Enjoy artist Sandy Oppenheimer’s portfolio of beautifully textured and patterned paper collage. See more by visiting her website.


paper collage portrait of the Dalai Lama by Sandy Oppenheimer

“Dalai Lama” paper collage, 20” x 24”


I paint with paper.


paper collage of a couple by Sandy Oppenheimer

“Old Friends” paper collage, 23” x 30”


Although self-taught, I have had many inspiring teachers along the way, in all areas of life.


paper collage of an old woman and her dog by Sandy Oppenheimer

“Old Friends 2” paper collage, 23” x 30”


I began my artistic journey in a ceramics studio in Northern California. Then I spent a year in Italy where I used watercolors to capture and explore the landscape.


paper collage by Sandy Oppenheimer

“Mom’s Night Out” paper collage, 10.5” x 10”


I returned to the states for a year, where I lived with a mixed media artist. This inspired me to start using paper and paint simultaneously. Returning to Italy, for what turned into a 20-year stay, I continued growing my visual vocabulary.


paper collage of apples by Sandy Oppenheimer

“Apples” paper collage, 9” x 10.5”


In 2003, I applied for and was accepted to a three-month artist residency in a Japanese papermaking village. My job was to use their paper in my work. On day one, I put down my brushes and paints, picked up my scissors and glue, and never turned back. I fell in love.


paper collage portrait of a woman by Sandy Oppenheimer

“Liz” paper collage, 15.7” x 20”


Collage allowed me to do everything paint did, with the added joy of pattern and texture. It is a playful and forgiving medium, which continues to challenge me daily while also providing me with great joy.


paper collage of a woman playing Scrabble by Sandy Oppenheimer

“Eunice Playing Scrabble” paper collage, 15.5” x 19.5”


I work every day, truly believing that real inspiration comes in the doing.


paper collage of afternoon coffee by Sandy Oppenheimer

“Afternoon Coffee” paper collage, 10” x 11.5”


I’ve been very fortunate in life, and there is no shortage of inspiring opportunities. It may be a book I have read, a conversation I had with a friend, a piece of music I have listened to, a meal I have been served, or a stranger I have passed on the street. All of these can find their way into my work.


paper collage portrait of a girl eating watermelon by Sandy Oppenheimer

“Watermelon” paper collage, 20” x 20”


Whether a still life, a landscape or a portrait, I try to work every day with good intention and an open heart and mind. I can’t imagine life without creating beauty.  It is a calling; it is a necessity for my soul. I am filled with gratitude to be able to do the work.


Artist Sandy Oppenheimer in her studio

Artist Sandy Oppenheimer in her studio


Creating is my way of giving thanks for the gift of being alive.


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  1. Enjoyed seeing your wonderful art. I love working with paper.

    • Thank you Gayle for your appreciation. I would love to see what you create with paper. Its such a wonderful medium! Makes my heart sing! warm regards, Sandy

  2. Gayle,
    I can’t believe you can get such intricate details in your collages. It’s as if they were truly painted. You have a great imagination!

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