Featured Artist Rebecca Love

Artist Rebecca Love presents a collection of life masks that tell visual stories and share the culture of her subjects. View by visiting her website.


clay tribal life masks by Rebecca Love

“Milka” clay and mixed media, 15” x 12” x 6”


It all began in a small southern town in Mississippi. My tiny hands plunged themselves into the dirt, mixing it with water—I had just created mud that told stories!


Tribal clay life masks by Rebecca Love

“Tribal Mother” clay and mixed media, 17” x 12.5” x 5”


Thus, my love for creating art began. Not much has changed today. I still play, sculpt and carve in that simple substance called clay which commands my respect and inspires my hands to use it to tell stories.


tribal clay life masks by Rebecca Love

“Tribal Princess” clay and mixed media, 21” x 12” x 5”


The clay life masks I create tell delightful stories from the lives of the most interesting characters. My most fulfilling art adventure was the experience I had with a beautiful group of women in Nairobi, Kenya. As a result of my many travels to this ancient part of the world, I became a storyteller for these exotic tribal women.


tribal clay life masks by Rebecca Love

“Tribal Bride” clay and mixed media, 30” x 15” x 6”


It was a privilege to have their trust in my artful hands as I took impressions of their faces. Each let me capture their image with this white dripping material in a calm and trusting way.


tribal clay life masks by Rebecca Love

“Basket Weaver” clay and mixed media, 19” x 12” x 6”


I so love to tell their stories to those who view my art. They are mothers, wives, sisters, deserved Kenyan princesses, basket weavers, artful sewers and so much more. The colors of their culture, the music of the nation and the stories in their lives bring life to my work.


tribal clay life masks by Rebecca Love

“Mama Beatrice” clay and mixed media, 20” x 12.5” x 5.5”


We became women who inspired each other across the world. They giggled quite happily when they saw their own life masks for the first time. Permission was granted to use various tribal decorations found in Kenyan and other African cultures. My heart was warmed by their acceptance.


tribal clay life masks by Rebecca Love

“Tribal Calling” clay and mixed media, 15” x 13” x 6”


I use different techniques to implement design and color. Underglazes are brushed on the clay to give a painted watercolor effect. I use a technique called sgraffito, scratching and carving through the underglazes to bring forth a design in the clay body. Sgraffito originated in Italy in the tenth century and literally means “to scratch.”


tribal clay life masks by Rebecca Love

“Tribal Daughter” clay and mixed media, 20” x 11” x 5”


Many of my designs are inspired by the tribal decoration found in Kenya and other African cultures. There is no limit to the natural materials I can add to the masks.


tribal clay life masks by Rebecca Love

“Save Our Daughters” clay and mixed media, 28” x 16” x 8”


Dried accoutrements surrounding the images on the masks are gathered either locally or brought home from various journeys. They are then dried and carefully wired on to each mask.


Artist Rebecca Love exhibiting at a Festival

Artist Rebecca Love exhibiting at a Festival


When shows and festivals are scheduled once again, I will happily be presenting this work to a joyful public and traveling back to my beloved Kenya to see my family. In the meantime, my hands and heart remain loyal to the mud and that tribal call.


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  1. Adriana J. Garces says

    My appreciation for Rebecca’s work is a great feeling. I find that as an artist, the admiration is perhaps easier to find in that her work is a meticulous, very well thought out process of true craftsmanship. She has a talent not everyone can master, by apparently knowing and loving her subjects- and materials. I’m loving the realistic feel of this series, while implementing the use of natural materials. Having mastered her craft and combining these materials, she brings forth magical rawness. Even so, it’s all meticulous and exceptionally well executed for presentation.
    Big cheers to Rebecca and yourself!
    I’m glad I found the article over on LinkedIn and look forward to them.

    • Hi Adriana,

      Thank you so much for such an inspiring and enlightening comment. It warms my heart when the work speaks to the viewer. These women have been such an intricate part of my life for so long. I love sharing their stories when one is moved. They continue to inspire me with their simple, yet graceful presence in the world. I appreciate your seeing them.

  2. Bernadette ilse says

    How can these be purchased?

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