Featured Artist Jennifer Hanscom

Artist Jennifer Hanscom showcases her Connection Collection line of jewelry, which uses elegant and timeless design. View more work by visiting her website.


sterling silver musical staff pendant by Jennifer Hanscom

“Musical Staff Woven Necklace” sterling silver, 18″ long


Throughout my life I have found my bliss through designing and creating in one form or another. When I began making jewelry, I knew I had found my passion.


sterling silver and topaz G clef earrings by Jennifer Hanscom

“Large G Clef Earrings with Faceted Blue Topaz on Lever-back Ear Wires” sterling silver, 2.25″ x .58″


Drawn to the beauty of repetitive patterns, I refined my forming skills and utilized techniques from my sewing background to formulate instructions for myself. My goal was to create measuring charts that would afford me the ability to replicate designs over and over with consistency, even if there was a time lapse between crafting.


sterling silver guitar pendant by Jennifer Hanscom

” Scrolled Guitar Necklace with Swiss Blue Topaz” sterling silver, necklace 18″ long, pendant 2″ x 2.5″


For many years I was blessed to share my expertise at Creative U, a jewelry studio in Cave Creek, Arizona. Through working with numerous hobbyists, I dialed in the mechanics of forming. This allowed me to adapt my methods for their individual dexterity. By pinpointing the pressures and placements required to yield specific results, I was able to share the joy and sense of accomplishment through the experience of creating something I was proud to show off.


sterling silver link necklace by Jennifer Hanscom

“Quad-Flourish Link Necklace” sterling silver, necklace 18″ long, each medallion 1″ wide


In an effort to utilize my passion and talents to impact others beyond the classroom, I created a series of jewelry collections meant to inspire others to live their best life and to continually make choices that will help them thrive.


sterling silver pendant by Jennifer Hanscom

“Large Tri-Flourish Pendant with Lapis” sterling silver, pendant 1.78″ x 2″


Each of my Connection Collections embodies a positive message or intention. The meanings are not visually overt. Rather, they are figuratively incorporated in unique, yet elegant and timeless designs. Each piece of jewelry not only completes a look, offering a feeling of beauty and confidence, but also serves as a tangible reminder throughout each day.


sterling silver pendant by Jennifer Hanscom

“Large Pierced Ripple Pendant” sterling silver, pendant 3.16″ x 1.5″


Life can be tumultuous. Having a connection to a source of happiness, a mindset of empowerment, or a sense of “self” can be the key to crafting a happy life.


sterling silver earrings by Jennifer Hanscom

“Ripple Earrings” sterling silver, 2″ x .38″


All of my jewelry is made with quality and ingenuity. The wire designs are painstakingly hand-formed and forged with precision. For a bolder look, the same graphics are custom cut from sheet. The more elaborate pieces incorporate a combination of techniques coming together like a masterful puzzle. I will soon be introducing the use of semi-precious stones featuring sculptural shapes I cut myself.


sterling silver pendant with garnet by Jennifer Hanscom

“Wings and Waves Angel Necklace with Rhodolite Garnet” sterling silver, necklace 20″ long, angel pendant 3″ wide


I am a firm believer that the keepsakes we treasure most in life are a curated collection symbolizing who we are as individuals. It’s important to me that my customers find just the right piece to serve as their link to happiness. To assist them in selecting jewelry they will love to wear for years to come, I offer a free jewelry selection guide highlighting attributes for their consideration.


sterling silver earrings with amethyst by Jennifer Hanscom

“Wings & Waves Link Earrings with Amethyst Beads on Lever-back Ear Wires” sterling silver, 2.78″ x .58″


I also offer classes for those interested in learning how to make jewelry. My goal as an instructor is to continue sharing the basics of quality jewelry construction. I teach the use of hand tools and small equipment that anyone can use at home. My free beginner lessons allow access to anyone with the desire to learn.


sterling silver pendant by Jennifer Hanscom

“Faith & Love Signature Pendant” sterling silver, pendant 2″ x 1.25″


I intend to share my knowledge of forming fundamentals along with my methods of creating measuring charts to foster the continuation and appreciation of artisan craftsmanship.


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