Featured Artist Katherine Klimitas

Watercolor artist Katherine Klimitas presents a collection of warm and captivating animal portraits. Visit her website to see more of her portfolio.


watercolor portrait of a hummingbird by Katherine Klimitas

“Hummingbird” watercolor on paper, 4″ x 6″


I was born with a genetic bone disease that caused my bones to break easily and grow abnormally. My parents and I stopped counting my breaks at 500 when I was ten years old. I am 2’7” tall, and I use an electric wheelchair for mobility. I rely on other people to complete nearly all of my daily activities.


watercolor portrait of a cow by Katherine Klimitas

“Cow” watercolor on paper, 6″ x 6″


When I was young, I was smart, and I was bored. My mother was constantly trying to find activities to keep me occupied that I could actually do. My life changed when she gave me my first watercolor set at five years old. I learned very quickly that I liked to create art and that I was actually pretty good at it.


watercolor portrait of a baby oragutan by Katherine Klimitas

“Baby Orangutan” watercolor on paper, 6″ x 6″


I always attended a mainstream school and although I was included as much as possible and never thought of myself as “disabled,” there were many instances where I couldn’t participate in the same activities my friends could.


watercolor portrait of a giraffe by Kathering Klimitas

“Giraffe” watercolor on paper, 8″ x 6″


Art became my outlet.


watercolor portrait of a heron by Katherine Klimitas

“Heron” watercolor on paper, 12″ x 6″


My parents, who were veterinarians, enrolled me in every art class and summer camp that they could find. I got to work in many types of media, including acrylic, oil, pastel, printmaking, sculpture and glass blowing, but watercolor always remained my favorite.


watercolor portrait of a fox by Katherine Klimitas

“Fox” watercolor on paper, 10″ x 7″


It ultimately became my primary medium, mostly because it was the one that allowed me to work independently in a small space without a lot of supplies or movement. Watercolor was one of the only mediums that allowed me to work on my own, and that became very important to me.


watercolor portrait of a dog by Katherine Klimitas

“Armani” watercolor on paper, 9″ x 12″


By the time I was a teenager, I was taking pet portrait commissions from my parents’ veterinary clients, and I already knew that art was going to somehow play a big part in my career choice.


watercolor portrait of a cat by Katherine Klimitas

“Peabody” watercolor on paper, 10″ x 8″


I graduated from Loyola University New Orleans with a BA in graphic design, expanding my artistic skills to logo and website design, along with other marketing products for both corporate and private clients. Nearly two decades later, I still take pet portrait commissions, although my style has evolved since those early years of loose whimsey into one of detailed realism.


watercolor portrait of a gorilla by Katherine Klimitas

“Gorilla” watercolor on paper, 8″ x 6″


Today I run my business, KAK Art & Designs, from my home in New Orleans, Louisiana. While I do have graphic design clients, I spend the majority of my time painting wild and domestic animals. I believe that if done correctly, a piece of art can make the viewer see an animal’s spirit and personality.


watercolor portrait of seabirds by Katherine Klimitas

“Pelican and Egret Family” watercolor on paper, 8″ x 10″


I think art of all kinds should evoke emotion in the viewer, and above all else, I want my art to create joy in a world where there is so much angst and anger. I want my viewers to see my art and then see me and think, “if she can be successful, so can I.” I want my story and my art to motivate people to be the best version of themselves that they can be.


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  1. Katherine,
    You have a great talent. You have turned your disabilities into abilities to inspire others. You made me think about more positive thoughts. I paint animals and wildlife in acrylic paints. I hope that others also enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy painting their beauty.

  2. Jacquie Delcambre says

    Katherine, what beautiful work you do! You are such an inspiration to a self taught artist like myself! Your watercolors look like photographs. I am so blessed to see your work!

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