Featured Artist Alan Ansell

Painter Alan Ansell brings an open, light-filled expanse of nature to his landscapes and urban street scenes. View more artwork on his website.


painting of a Cayrou morning by Alan Ansell

“Cayrou Morning” oil and acrylic on canvas, 61cm x 61cm


I am a landscape artist based in the Occitanie region of southwest France. A lifelong “scribbler,” I took my first serious steps on the professional art ladder in 2007 when I left the United Kingdom behind in search of a more accommodating lifestyle.


painting of Conques by Alan Ansell

“Street in Conques” oil on paper, 40cm x 50cm


My paintings are not intended to carry dramatic, paradigm-shifting messages or commentary. That is work for other artists. I focus on locating the permanent within the impermanent. I draw subtle (or not-so-subtle) nuances out of the ever-shifting present, using what is near to hand.


painting of clouds at Itzac by Alan Ansell

“Clouds At Itzac” oil on paper, 46cm x 38cm


As the seasons change, bringing new colours and patterns, heat and cold, rain and cloud, the land retains its form but the crops, trees, rivers and streams evolve. Even buildings are affected by time—they are renovated or fall down or are replaced by new ones.


painting of Antibes by Alan Ansell

“Antibes Morning” oil on paper, 44cm x 65cm


The profound can be found within the everyday. I am happy for my paintings to offer refuge, away from insistent chatter around “meaning” that pervades much contemporary art.


painting of Gourdon by Alan Ansell

“Gourdon, II” oil on canvas, 80cm x 62cm


The landscape can speak for itself. A painting can be a place for quiet reflection or restoration.


painting of the beach at Feneryrols by Alan Ansell

“The Beach at Feneyrols” oil on paper; 38cm x 46cm


I work in oil, sometimes with acrylic underpainting but usually oil alone. I enjoy oil’s greater flexibility as a medium. My first few years here were spent trying unsuccessfully to extend acrylic paints under the fierce Mediterranean sun, something I quickly realised was fruitless. Acrylic is wonderful stuff, but oil still reigns supreme.


painting of a catheral interior by Alan Ansell

“A Nouveau (Born Again)” oil on canvas, 100cm x 80cm


I make extensive use of the camera, which I’ve always seen as an extremely helpful tool for the visual artist. With the surge in smartphone use, the digital image has almost entirely supplanted traditional photography. I enjoy exploring the options opened up by phone camera technology, such as distorted perspective, deeply exaggerated values or boosted colour saturation.


painting of Les Taillades by Alan Ansell

“View at Les Taillades” oil on canvas, 100cm x 50cm


Human perception has always been shaped by environment. Our easy appropriation of portable devices now provides rich pickings for painting. Despite feeling I’m considerably restrained in my current use of a camera, future work may see me move further away from constraints imposed by the more formal approach to picture making gained through a self-education in art.


painting of Chateau de Caylus by Alan Ansell

“Chateau De Caylus” (private commission) oil on canvas, 80cm x 62cm


I also suspect that, with the whirlwind development of ideas in painting since the early years of the twentieth century, intriguing possibilities in colour or form may have been lost in the wider sweep of change, before such avenues could be fully explored.


street scene painting by Alan Ansell

“Heading Home” oil on paper, 39cm x 39cm


My work could be described in one sense as unapologetically traditional. Not just because when we look at paintings we don’t always want to be challenged, but because I am far from having exhausted the potential of traditional techniques and approaches. Within that framework, my work is constantly evolving.


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  1. I like your style. Gourdons is one of my favorites. I visited France in 1994 on a tour.

  2. Allan,
    I have never been to France but I love “Gordon 11 ” and Chateau De Caylus.They have the atmosphere of clouds passing over, or misty trees.

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