Featured Artist Jezdimir Milošević

Artist Jezdimir Milošević presents a collection of screen prints that offer a stark futuristic narrative. Visit his website to see more of his portfolio.


figurative screenprint by Jezdimir Milosevic

“Children Only Need Love”screen print, 50cm x 70cm


As an only child, I grew up with a father who made beautiful sculptures out of wood as a hobby. They were my favorite toys in childhood, from which I used to build my little world surrounded by love. My father often watched what I was doing and I remember that he once said, “All people see the world through their own eyes. No one sees it the same way. Actually, maybe the world doesn’t look the way we see it.”


Ballerina with Rhinos

“I’m Just Dancing” screen print, 70cm x 40cm


My father’s sculptures sparked my imagination, and his words made me look at the world around me differently. One time, after seeing my teacher’s breasts as sculptures, I drew them and showed them to my mother. Instead of praise for my art, I got a tug on the ears!


figurative screenprint by Jezdimir Milosevic

“I Want To Be A Champion” screen print, 70cm x 40cm


This is how I learned, from my own experience, that apart from the world, people don’t look at art the same way. I continued to draw, but I no longer showed the drawings to anyone. I used predominately dark colors and at the time, I didn’t know why. Today I know. It was intuition.


figurative screenprint by Jezdimir Milosevic

“Orwell Times” screen print, 67cm x 36cm


In high school I started reading “serious” books, turning words and sentences into pictures. When I read the novels 1984 and Animal Farm by George Orwell, I had a new revelation. I realized that in addition to a utopian society there is also a dystopian society. There, even laughter is forbidden and a lie becomes the truth.


figurative screenprint by Jezdimir Milosevic

“I Warned You” screen print, 67cm x 36cm


When I got married and had two children, I often wondered what kind of world they would live in. To me, it began to look more and more like the novels of George Orwell. I realized that Orwell’s books were not just novels, but a warning to future generations.


screenprint of a helicopter by Jezdimir Milosevic

“I Love Hansaplast” screen print, 70cm x 50cm


When war erupted in Yugoslavia, I experienced the collapse of the world I grew up in. It was not real but full of lies, deception, illusions and false ideology. I realized that my father was right after all! The world really doesn’t look like we see it.


screenprint of a butterfly by Jezdimir Milosevic

“On The Wings Of A Butterfly” screen print, 70cm x 50cm


I continued to draw using even darker shades. I didn’t need imagination for the drawings. It was enough to look at the world around me.


figurative screenprint by Jezdimir Milosevic

“Craft Bar Not War” screen print, 50cm x 70cm


During the war, I often reminisced about my youth and socializing with my peers. I prayed that the war would end so that new generations could enjoy their lives. Unfortunately, I knew that when one war ends a new one usually begins.


screenprint of animals by Jezdimir Milosevic

“The Chase For Banksy” screen print, 70cm x 40cm


My parents died, and I saved several of my father’s sculptures. They inspired me to seriously pursue creating art. Thanks to the internet, I discovered the artist Banksy. Maybe he also had his ears pulled in his childhood because of his art, so he decided to hide his identity. Inspired by his art, I decided to use the medium of printmaking to show how I see this world.


screenprint by Jezdimir Milosevic

“Kids On A Rhino” screen print, 70cm x 50cm


And then I discovered the great French artist Gé. Pellini. His sculptures reminded me of my father. I asked him to let me use them in my artwork. He let me! Thank you Gé. Pellini. When I meet my father up in heaven I will tell him, “You were right. The world does not look as we see it. And your sculptures continue to live through my prints.” I know he’ll be happy about it.


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  1. Your work is iconic. I can feel the passion in each piece. And at first glance, I don’t think I see any more than 3 colors in any piece. Very well executed. Great style.

  2. Thanks for your support! I looked at your site https://www.tbmurphy.com/ and I really like your work too. Artists will change the world after all!

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