Featured Artist Jenni Rogers

Australian artist Jenni Rogers creates delightfully whimsical art that celebrates good food and dining out. See more of her portfolio by visiting her website.


Whimsical painting of brunch

“Brunch” mixed media, 63cm x 78cm


I live in the Byron Bay Hinterland, Australia, with my husband, mother, daughter,  son-in-law, new grandbaby, chooks, sheep and two mini-foxy x chihuahuas. It’s a full house and full life!


Painting of a restaurant scene

“Chez Memere” oil, 34cm x 25cm


I had quite a journey to becoming a full-time artist and surface pattern designer. After leaving school at 14, I went to secretarial school and then to work at my parents’ business at a quarry in Sydney. I didn’t enjoy this too much. Sweeping floors and making coffee wasn’t what I thought I’d be doing as a secretary. After quitting and being fired way too many times, I managed to secure a job as a waitress.


Painting of a wedding cake

“Happily Ever After” oil, 41cm x 51cm


After working there a few months, I discovered the business was for sale. My sister became a guarantor on a loan for me at the bank, and I bought my first business for $12,000 in 1985, The Chelsea Teahouse in Avalon. I had just turned 16.


Painting of a table with tea service

“Tea for Two” mixed media, 21cm x 26cm


Being an artist wasn’t something I had ever dreamed of being able to do. While growing up in Sydney in the 70’s and 80’s, my goal was only to earn enough money to leave home. I eventually did that after buying the teahouse at 16.


Painting of Sunday brunch

“Lazy Sunday” oil, 59cm x 69cm


I later became a chef and went on to own many cafes, takeaways and bakeries. After having my first child, I realized this was not the best life for me. It was too difficult to raise a family and with the hours required in the food business, I spent too much time away from home.


Painting of a farmer's market

“Market Combi” oil, 45.5cm x 35.5cm


One day I followed my Mum (who painted casually) to art class. I discovered an absolute joy in painting. I took folk art classes and completed three years doing Cert II & III in Fine Art and Contemporary Craft at Tafe. It’s only been the last four years that I’ve seriously pursued my art full-time.


recipe poster by Jenni Rogers

“Lamington Recipe” watercolour, 21cm x 29cm


About a year and a half ago, I discovered surface pattern design. I found that I absolutely loved the idea of painting and turning the artwork into a pattern. Then I learnt Photoshop and took two surface pattern design courses to refine my skills. That included setting up a website and learning how to take photos and video reels.


Painting of breakfast on a table

“A Bird’s Breakfast Santorini” mixed media, 76cm x 61cm


My inspiration comes from so many sources as I live on acreage and I’m only minutes from the beach. To sum me up, I’m a little country and a little beachy and a whole lot of foodie. I am so excited to paint and create every day. It does not feel like work at all!


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  1. Jenni,
    I tried many things too on my journey to be an artist. I was a floral designer while going to college for art. Still did that after graduating for a while. I worked in a department store for many years while painting and entering art shows on the side. Now I am retired and painting animals and wildlife. I have website and try to sell prints of my paintings. Its still a struggle but I keep painting.

  2. These are all so appealing. My favorite is Tea for Two.

  3. Shirley Taylor says

    It is coming along, at least it looks like art, keep going!

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