Featured Artist Ricardo Robles

Enjoy the incredible portfolio of painter Ricardo Robles, who captures sweeping vistas and small detail with equal skill. See more of his work by visiting his website.


oil painting of boats on the water in Nepal

“Paradise in Nepal” oil paint, 32″ x 48″


I was born in New York City, in the borough of Manhattan. The neighborhood I was born in is called Washington Heights. It’s most iconic structure is the George Washington Bridge.


Realistic oil painting of an owl

“Wise Soul” oil paint, 14″ x 17″


It was during this time, during the 80’s decade, that I was first exposed to art. Graffiti art, wild style, was an art form that combined surrealism with vibrant colors. I began drawing when I was seven years old and soon moved on to oil painting when I was fourteen.


Southwestern landscape painting with heavy clouds

“Evening Glow” oil paint, 24″ x 36″


I began to experiment in different genres such as portraits, wildlife, landscapes, and still life. My earlier influence in graffiti is evident in my work, as I usually create pop with vibrant color usage.


oil painting of bison in a western landscape

“Bisons” oil paint, 24″ x 36″


I spent a lot of years away from New York, living purely in the country and rural areas. I began to witness the beauty of nature and its inhabitants. I’m now a Texas artist.


Painting of a wolf and her cub

“Mothers Love” oil paint, 14″ x 17″


Other inspirations of mine are the old masters, especially during the romanticism era. Lately I have been painting Southwestern and wildlife art. The preservation of these subjects coincides with romanticism in the sense that artists in that era painted to idealize nature and enlightenment.


Oil painting of cattle by Ricardo Robles

“Dirty Money” oil paint, 18″ x 24″


I joined the military and was deployed to many parts of Asia, where I fell in love with the culture. I incorporated this into my art unintentionally. During deployments, I had many months to think whether I would ever continue creating art. I’m glad I did, because I gained a new perspective in my visual representation.


Oil painting of a young Native American woman

“Nikita” oil paint, 18″ x 24″


I am an indirect oil painter. It takes me four to five layers of painting to achieve my desired outcome. Occasionally I work with soft pastel when I need a break from oil paints and when I want to do smaller color studies of my work to see how it will translate to a much bigger painting.


Oil painting of a horse in a Western landscape

“Lone Horse” oil paint, 18″ x 24″


I’m also into art conservation, researching products that can maximize my paintings longevity and prevent cracking. I’ve been featured in a few publications such as Southwest Art, Central Food Kitchen, San Antonio Vogue, New York Now, and Bell County Gazette that highlight my background, art and the techniques that I use.


Painting of a herd of horses

“Freedom” oil paint, 24″ x 24″


My future goals are to accomplish self sufficiency with my art income and fill the world with joy through my art. Whether I am painting a landscape, still life, or wildlife, I want whoever is viewing my art to form their own interpretations or to travel to a different place and point in time when observing my art.


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  1. These are all excellent. My favorite is Evening Glow.

  2. Thank you Martha, Evening Glow sold very quick, it’s on display at the Gage Hotel in West Texas.

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