Featured Artist Ann Newman

Abstract photographer Ann Newman discovers hidden meanings in her close-up graphic style to revive our senses. See more of her abstract work by visiting her website.


abstract photography by Ann Newman

“Contrarian” photography, 12″ x 18″; other sizes


My focus is to see things in a new way. On a guardrail reflector, the theme of individuality is revealed. And yet, the contrarian is also part of a community. Intriguing how we desire to find the balance between standing out and fitting in.


“The Great Wave” photography and digital art, 12″ x 18″; other sizes


A piece of metal with overspray paint recalls a frequent dream of mine: a giant ocean wave waking me with overwhelming emotions. I must let those emotions spill out like the foam on the wave’s crest to calm my inner seas.


abstract red and black photography

“As Above, So Below” photography and digital art, 12″ x 12″; other sizes


On a vintage truck, I spy Pegasus flying as easily to the heavens as moving on Earth. Ancient Greeks used myths to make sense of the world, and at the peak of cultural anxiety, this hero offers the profound wisdom of bravery to steady me.


closeup of bullet holes in a car

“Elephant in the Room” photography, 12″ x 18″; other sizes


Two bullets pierce an old windshield. No one talks about it. And there it is. The elephant in the living room.


abstract fine art photography by Ann Newman

“Monkey Mind” photography, 12″ x 18″; 24″; other sizes


From branch to branch, the monkey jumps. But as chatter in my head, his negative thoughts are exhausting. This monkey was an amusing reminder to stay in control of the voice in my head.


abstract macro photography

“Aura” photography, 16″ x 9″; other sizes


I let my imagination fly with a bird on the wing. His luminous body radiates compassion and optimism.


abstract fine art photography

“Red Fish” photography, 16″ x 20″; other sizes


My skiff on turquoise Caribbean waters slices forward, and a school of red fish appears. One was so big it nearly sank when I pulled it in. Yes, it is a tall tale. And conceived from a deteriorating sign.


macro fine art abstract photography

“Collage” photography, 12″ x 18″; other sizes


What is a collage? A whole broken apart combined to create something new. An abandoned mirror leans against a building, sharing a collection of experiences with us.


bold abstract macro photography

“Celebration” photography, 24″ x 24″; other sizes


Can you find something worth high-fiving about today, big or small? I think these two on the side of a railcar came to life as I turned the corner. Perhaps they are celebrating that I took their picture.


Photographer setting up a camera in a canyon

Ann Newman, abstract photographer


Abstract images are my guides. They teach me to stay open and offer their messages of encouragement. I think of myself as their channel, and share what I see and feel, hoping they offer you ease. I invite you on this journey and welcome your company.


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