Featured Artist Filipp Kabanyayev

Embark on a journey through light and perspective with photographer Filipp Kabanyayev, who presents an extraordinary portfolio drawn from nature. Visit his website to see more.


"Blue Peony" photograph by Filipp Kabanyayev

“Blue Peony” photography, sizes vary


I’m Filipp, and I want to share my photography journey with you. It all started with years of experimentation, trying to find my path in photography. You see, I’m self-taught, which came with its own challenges. Instead of following established styles, I carved out my own artistic niche.


High color intensity leaf photograph by Filipp Kabanyayev

“Molten Core” photography, sizes vary


I love combining light painting photography with a minimalist approach. It’s all about capturing the innate beauty of everyday things like leaves, flowers, and other elements, turning them into vibrant, ethereal creations.


Lighted iris photograph by Filipp Kabanyayev

“Iris in the Dark” photography, sizes vary


But my photography isn’t just about pretty pictures. It conveys a more profound message about the diverse perceptions that arise from one objective source, leading to various interpretations of the same reality. We are all part of this world, yet we see it through different lenses, influenced by our unique perspectives and knowledge.


“Garden of Life” photography, sizes vary


My artistic journey began with my childhood fascination with colors and evolved into a deep exploration of science, spirituality, and philosophy in my mid-20s. It made me realize that all existence emerges from a single source. The so-called “empty” space surrounding us is a vast tapestry of boundless energy that gives rise to everything. Boundaries and divisions melt away, revealing a profound unity. We emerge out of the cosmos like waves emerge out of the ocean.


Fine art photograph of a leaf by Filipp Kabanyayev

“Angel” photography, sizes vary


Each of my photos starts in complete darkness. As the camera shutter opens, my subjects emerge out of the void with each light stroke. This process is similar to painting on a canvas. I am captivated by how light can transform a subject and bring it to life in countless ways.


Colorful fine art photo of a leaf by Filipp Kabanyayev

“Earth” photography, sizes vary


The breathtaking view of Earth from space inspires me. You can’t see individual life forms from up there, but you can see the vibrant colors that reflect our planet’s undeniable vitality. I use different colors and angles to breathe life into my subjects.


fine art photo of a tulip by Filipp Kabanyayev

“Stormy Tulip” photography, sizes vary


This year I was invited to visit the United Arab Emirates for an exhibition at the 2023 Xposure International Festival. The royal family bought three of my artworks, which are now part of their private collection. I was honored to be a photographer of the month at Gallery X, where my work was showcased alongside renowned photographers like Steve McCurry, Gabriel Wickbold, and Douglas Dubler. Various news outlets, including CNN, Gulf News, Khaleej Times, and more, have since featured my photographs.


bold colorful leaf photo by fine art photographer Filipp Kabanyayev

“Cosmic Serpent” photography, sizes vary


In the end, we’re united in our individuality, gifted with unique perspectives to interpret reality. Each of us adds our brushstrokes to the canvas of existence, uncovering the threads that tie us together.


Fine art photograph of a leaf by Filipp Kabanyayev

“Life Pulse” photograph, sizes vary


So, next time you look at one of my photographs or any art, take a moment to reflect on how your perspective influences what you see.


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  1. Barrie Duffield says

    Really impressed with your work and style andthanks for above – very interested in light painting.
    would love to know your technique but understand this has taken years to develop and you must keep this to yourself.

    Just one question which would help me – the make and model of your camera equipment as I think its similar to my own.

    many thanks

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