Featured Artist Cindy Jackson

Licensed artist Cindy Jackson shares a collection of charming digital designs inspired by furry friends and family. Enjoy and see more of her art on her website.


whimsical digital art of a girl daydreaming

“Daydream Girl” digital art, sizes vary


I love details! Not sure when that all started, or if you were born with the curiosity of wanting details or learning more, but it transfers in my art. As a kid I would doodle on a paper until there was barely any white space.


whimsical digital drawing of a crowd of people

“Main Attraction” digital art, sizes vary


I read the comic page everyday and loved Charlie Brown. Not until years later did my dad mention he used to play pool with Charles Schultz in a downtown St. Paul bar when he was in his late teens. I said, “Don’t you think I would have wanted to know that?” Dad said he was a nice guy.


Whimsical digital illustration of a dog and cat

“Fureal” digital art, sizes vary


Twenty years of computer ad design, ten years self-employed finding my love of painting and creating followed. I spent twelve years as a flight attendant entrenched with inspirations of travel, which also started my iPad Pro and love of illustration creating with Procreate. It was easier to haul than paints and canvases (although I still did it), and opened a whole new form of creating.


whimsical digital illustration of girls shopping in London

“Ladies of London” digital art, sizes vary


Now I am a full-time artist and have a awesome agent, Lisa Larsen, who inspires me and licenses my designs with manufacturers. I have a fun series called Woof ‘n Wag puzzles, with two more cat puzzles and a Christmas dog ‘n cat puzzle coming out soon. I look forward to new licensing opportunities of different designs and themes.


whimsical puzzle design by Cindy Jackson

“Northwoof Inn” Puzzle, digital art


My first series of dog puzzles is Northwoof Inn and was created as an all inclusive retreat for dogs to relax and enjoy. The second dog puzzle is a yummy Woofurry Bakery filled with baked goods for amazing dogs (no chocolate). My third dog puzzle is crazy fun for the canines. Geared only for them, with pupcorn and rides to thrill. Our family rescue dog is in all of these puzzles, along with some of my other granddogs.


whimsical puzzle design featuring a dog bakery by Cindy Jackson

“Woofurry Bakery” Puzzle, digital art


The Cat Cafe is where the fun felines come to for the Purrsuit of Coffeeness. They socialize and do what cats love to do (like playing chess right!) While I may be allergic to cats, I love them and put some fur babies of friends in my designs. I hide things throughout my puzzles for more fun.


whimsical puzzle design of a Cat Cafe by Cindy Jackson

“Cat Cafe” Puzzle, digital art


The Catique Boutique, I am happy to announce, is a long listed winner in the World Illustration Awards (WIA). Fashion, accessories, Kitsy Kat items and more, it is a festival of fun for the felines.


whimsical digital art illustration of a girl on a scooter by Cindy Jackson

“Scooter Girl” digital art, sizes vary


I love drawing people too. I must laugh and have fun in this serious world to feel the joy of life. After my agent gives me ideas and I am creating, I always ask my family who give me inspiration and critique. My grandkids are especially great for a different point of view. I draw on love, laughter, faith, friends and family. If I can pass that on to others, it’s a great day!


Cindy Jackson invites you to follow her on Instagram.



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