Featured Artist Sandra Bechtold

Photographer Sandra Bechtold presents a serene portfolio drawn from the natural world. See more from this artist by visiting her website.


Black and white nature photo by Sandra Bechtold

“Lonely Water Drop” photography, sizes vary


My name is Sandra Bechtold. I am a nature and landscape photographer from Germany.


Black and white forest photo by Sandra Bechtold

“Natural Chaos” photography, sizes vary


Every time I’m out in the woods or the fields, I marvel at the wondrous beauty and bounty that nature presents to us. I also love observing the changes in the seasons, from the bleakness of winter to the first tender blossoms in spring, to the poppies shining in summer and autumn sweetening the farewell to the warm days with bright colors. Each stage has its fascination for me and offers me a variety of motifs.


black and white macro photo of a flower by Sandra Bechtold

“Soft Little Flower” photography, sizes vary


Being in nature brings me an incredible calm and grounding. This is exactly what I want to pass on in my photographs. That’s why I often concentrate on individual details of nature in my pictures. I underline this reduction by restricting myself to a few colors or by omitting them completely, as a black and white photograph.


black and white wildflower photo by Sandra Bechtold

“Unknown Beauty” photography, sizes vary


When taking the picture, I create this desired effect by showing only a very small part of the picture, the most important part, in sharp focus. The remainder of the photo is blurred, letting it fade in importance. In some cases, I achieve this with a special lens that further enhances this effect.


Black and white photo of a treed lane by Sandra Bechtold

“Road to Freedom” photography, sizes vary


This is the very special magic of my photography. Plants, flowers and blossoms are common, and rarely command a main role in our vision. Like so many things in our everyday life, we no longer really perceive them.


black and white photo of dandelion seeds by Sandra Bechtold

“Fly Away in Pieces” photography, sizes vary


Through my minimalist approach to photography and the conversion to black and white, they appear both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. This entices the viewer to take a closer look, to change the way they perceive the world and the intricacies of nature.


black and white botanical photograph by Sandra Bechtold

“Tall and Proud” photography, sizes vary


Peace and connection with nature are my inspiration and the message I want to convey through my fine art photographs. When we perceive and appreciate nature, we gain the opportunity to reconnect with it and our own inner nature. This is what I strive to achieve with my art.


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