Featured Artist Nathan DePue

Photographer Nathan DePue presents a striking portfolio based on his fascination with the natural world and flying. See more by visiting his website.


striking photo of a blue bird by Nathan DePue

“Bug Catcher” photography, sizes vary


I’ve always had a love for photography. Pictures of amazing landscapes, people, machines, and far off places capture my imagination and wonder. I remember getting my first camera, a Polaroid camera, and the fascination of watching it develop right before my eyes! That never got old, no matter how many pictures I took.


Photography looking into a long corridor by Nathan DePue

“Corridor” photography, sizes vary


Seeing the people and places I could capture, the details I didn’t notice when I snapped the picture, the feelings from a snapshot in time, also never got old. After my Polaroid came some toy cameras and then a standard 35mm camera.


photo of a natural landscape by Nathan DePue

“Keowee” photography, sizes vary


Later in life I finally got a real camera and learned everything I could about it. I quickly found the freedom of turning off automatic mode and taking pictures in manual mode. Seeing what can be captured through the lens, the beauty of life and nature, but also a spark of imagination captivated me.


Dramatic photo of a beach by Nathan DePue

“Flock to the Rock” photography, sizes vary


Art of nature should drive your imagination to go, see, and experience that spark! That is what drove me to explore the state parks of South Carolina, the state where my art photography journey started. Going to every state park and national site in South Carolina helped me enjoy and convey their beauty to others. It also helped develop my nature photography and style.


photo of a vintage car, bike and plane by Nathan DePue

“Come Fly With Me” photograhy, sizes vary


I lived in Pennsylvania for a few years and tried to capture as much of the beauty and rich history of that area as I could before moving back to South Carolina. While in Pennsylvania, I started to work on capturing one of my other loves—flying. I try to portray the beauty, history, and spirit of older aircraft, especially older warbirds. I seek the essence of flying, that joy and freedom found only in flight.


Photo of plane cockpit by Nathan DePue

“My Station” photography, sizes vary


My main camera is a modern mirrorless camera, but I do photograph with antique film cameras. I have cameras from every decade dating back to 1908, and I still use them all! I try to keep editing at a minimum, if possible. My goal is to capture as naturally as possible the spark, imagination, and wonder from the actual scene. I find RAW is best for this.


Fine art photo airplane and sunset by Nathan DePue

“Stearman Sunset” photography, sizes vary


I’ve developed an HDR technique (if the scene and lighting are right!) that is easy to create and requires little to no extra editing. I always feel accomplished when people tell me they’ve been inspired to explore because of my pictures.


Photo of a flying tiger plane by Nathan DePue

“Flying Tiger” photography, sizes vary


People often say they’ve picked up their old camera and started taking pictures again, or have gotten a camera (and put their phone down!) to start taking pictures because of my work. Knowing I’ve been able to inspire and spark people’s emotion and imagination drives me to carry on, to keep creating.


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  1. Nathan,
    Your cathedral and views of the bird are beautiful.

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