Featured Artist Carol Roark

Oil painter Carol Roark shares a beautifully classic portfolio of landscapes that captures the spirit of the South. Visit her website to see more of her work.


oil painting of a sunlit landscape

“The Clearing” oil, 24” x 48”


I have been intrigued with drawing since childhood, but I believe it was years of exploring nature and walks through the woods with my father that turned me into the artist I am today.


Southern swamp landscape painting

“Evening Song” oil, 18”x 24


I love all of the beauty present in our natural environment. It remains a constant source of inspiration throughout my work.


Landscape painting of a field ready to pick

“Ready To Pick” oil, 24” 36”


My landscapes mainly depict the outdoor scenes in Mississippi—a landscape that most people overlook. My studio sits high atop the bluff of the Mississippi Delta, which is a vast alluvial plane created by the Mississippi River thousands of years ago.


Oil painting of an old tree

“Gnarly” oil, 20” 20”


I can see wide, western skies with the open farmland that is ever changing with the seasons. It is from here that my painting ideas emerge.


oil painting of dusk in a landscape

“Sturgeon Moon Setting” oil, 16″ x 20”


I spend many hours in the field painting plein air. However, I do not go out with the objective of completing a painting, although it happens from time to time. The main goal of these trips is to develop references from reality, which I then use as a tool in my studio. This is a must for me as a landscape painter!


Oil painting of an old tree in a swamp

“Beautifully Strange” oil, 18” x 24”


Although you will see me work in gouache and pastels, my medium of choice is oils, even when sketching color thumbnails in my sketchbook. There is a richness to the color and texture of oils that I do not find as easily achievable with other mediums.


Southern landscape oil painting

“Autumn Appearing” oil, 24” X 30”


I love teaching almost as much as I love painting. I want to share the joy painting brings me with as many people as possible. It is my feeling that we all have a “gift of creating” inside of us. It makes me happy when I can help others discover that!


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  1. These are all lovely. Sturgeon Moon Setting is my favorite.

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