Featured Artist Roopa Dudley

Enjoy the charming and whimsical portfolio of artist Roopa Dudley, whose love of chess defines her distinctive style. View more of her work on her website.


whimsical forest landscape with tiger by Roopa Dudley

“Tranquil Forest Tiger” acrylic on canvas, 14″ x 11″


I was born in Karachi, Pakistan on July 6, 1972. In 1988, my family and I migrated to America when I was sixteen years old, and we settled in Miami, Florida.


chess-themed painting by Roopa Dudley

“Chess-Nut Paradise” acrylic, 14″x 11″


I took my sweet time to graduate with a BA in Humanities from Florida International University in 1999. The following year I relocated to Maryland.


winter landscape painting with fox

“Frigid Forest Fox” mixed media, 14″x 11″


I became a full-time artist in 2012, and have been making chess-themed art ever since. Chess has always been one of my favorite pastimes. I came to realize early that I do not have the obsession it takes to become a Grand Master, or even a Master.


political painting by artist Roopa Dudley

“Political Circus” acrylic on Canvas, 14″ x 11″


However, I have always enjoyed making art, jewelry, and paintings. I knew that I had a fighting chance in becoming “remarkable” as Seth Godin said in his book Purple Cow. Remarkable Roopa. See, it even has a ring to it, no?


painting of a robot housekeeper by Roopa Dudley

“Hot Robecca Housekeeper” mixed media, 14″x 11″


In short, I wanted to create not just a lovely piece of art, but something that could be aesthetically pleasing to look at, has a story to tell, a pinch of dark humor somewhere, and has something else that would make it stand out amongst the thousands of other paintings. Voila!


contemporary painting of a robot by Roopa Dudley

“Hot Rob Patriot” mixed media, 14″x 11″


That is how I started creating art that incorporates an element of chess. It is painted in a peculiar style which makes it cartoonish but realistic, abstract but representational, whimsical but serious all at once. It has been over fourteen years since I painted my first chess-themed painting.  I’m still producing more without running out of ideas or passion.


landscape painting of a whimsical chess forest

“Chess-Nut Swamp” acrylic, 14″x 11″


As of 2023, I decided to become an art teacher to see how it goes. It has been quite an interesting journey and has added a new dimension to my life. I never expected to be this busy at my age, but I am not complaining.


chess-themed painting by Roopa Dudley

“Three Knights in Paradise” acrylic, 14″x 11″


I also enjoy cooking, hanging out with my friends, making beaded jewelry, creating pottery, and writing art-related articles (one even got published in ArtAscent Art & Literature Magazine).


autumn chess-themed forest landscape

“Fragrant Forest” mixed media, 14″x 11″


Most of my paintings have been published in a plethora of art and literature journals, newspapers, and art magazines, nationally and internationally. Some of them even made it on the cover.


painting of two immigrants by Roopa Dudley

“Immigrants” acrylic, 40″x 30″


Lastly, I must say that migrating to America has been the most awesome and life-changing experience for me and my family. I am in a place where I feel content and blessed after years of struggle and demanding work, finally living my American dream. My heart is full of gratitude and joy, which should be quite evident in my paintings.


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