Featured Artist Carmen Verdi

Artist Carmen Verdi presents a collection of portraiture and landscape drawings created with incredible complexity. View more by visiting his website.


complex pencil drawing of a crowded street

“From a Distance” pencil, 16” X 20”


I was born into a military family at Fort Dix, New Jersey in the spring of 1968. After moving around a lot, we settled in Lowell, Massachusetts, in the late ’70s.


complex drawing of hummingbird and plant on black background

“Love Affair” pencil and charcoal, 8” x 10”


This is when I found that drawing made me happy. I drew from comic books, and although I never won, I always entered sketches into the art competitions for kids in the TV guide. This was the last time I drew.


complex pencil drawing of a landscape

“A Peaceful Place” pencil, 8” x 10”


After high school and the military, I started drawing again in 2005 when I worked as a groundskeeper for a local golf course. I would sit at the break table in the morning and sketch from the newspaper or magazines in the clubhouse.


highly detailed pencil drawing of sunflowers

“A New Beginning” pencil and charcoal, 8” X 10”


This would start the idea of drawing for the rest of my life. My first art exhibit would be at the golf course. I drew sports figures like Babe Ruth, Mark Martin, and others and hung them on a wall in the pro shop, but they never sold.


detailed pencil drawing of two men and dogs

“Reality” pencil, 16” x 20”


My first art show in Nashua, New Hampshire was in 2014. I didn’t have many drawings then, but I displayed what I had and sold a couple. That was all I needed to spark the desire and motivation to create more art and show my work to the public.


Detailed pencil drawing of a woman and coffee cup

“Intellectual Morning” pencil, 8” x 10”


I continued to draw for sanity and taught myself to draw better. Then I developed a technique I call Linellism. I use thousands of vertical and horizontal pencil lines on paper to create believable and detailed drawings. I do not crosshatch or blend the lines in my work; I make a mark and leave it.


complex pencil drawing of a lone tree in a landscape

“Isolated” pencil, 7” x 7”


Since then, I have displayed my work throughout New England, Connecticut, New York, and Cincinnati, where I won the Emerging Artist of the Year award in 2022.


detailed pencil drawing of a bottle of wine and glass

“Cana of Galilee” pencil and charcoal, 8” X 10”


I have a studio/gallery in Lowell, Massachusetts. It is open to the public. I have collectors of my work now and thousands of fans. I would never have made it this far without the loving support and loyal fans!


pencil drawing of ocean waves

“The Never-Ending Goodbye” pencil, 8” X 10”


My art is a story I share through ideas, inspirations, and thousands of pencil lines.


Carmen Verdi invites you to follow on his Pencil Artist and VERDI Interiors Facebook pages.



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