Featured Artist Kim Walker

Artist Kim Walker presents a stunning collection of colorful mixed media botanical art created with natural found materials. Enjoy her work and see more by visiting her website.


boldly colorful botanical artwork

“Trust Yourself” botanical mixed media, 15″ x 15″ x 2″ black floater frame


I have a feeling we can all agree that experiences in nature often allow inspiration and healing and joy and beauty into our lives in a myriad of ways.


horizontal botanical mixed media artwork

“Hunger 5″ botanical mixed media, 20″ x 56″ x 2”


When I immerse myself in nature, I often find a peacefulness and a universal connectedness and an opening to contemplate the many metaphoric lessons nature shares. It feels almost magical. I am very grateful to have and to share these experiences through my art and my creative processes.


complex botanical mixed media collage in earth colors

“Nocturnal Radiance” botanical mixed media, 34″ x 34″ x 2″ mahogany floater frame


My love of the many meaningful gifts found in nature is at the center of my intentions in my botanical mixed media artworks. I use actual elements of nature, such as leaves, petals, ferns, etc. in my artworks to archive and to honor and to celebrate the wonder.


mixed media botanical art

“Out Of The Blue” botanical mixed media, 8″ x 8″ x 1″ floater frame


I seek and find nature’s treasures on hikes in the desert and in the mountains, walks on the beach, romps on sand dunes, neighborhood walks, and even in my own backyard. The beauty is all around!


blue mixed media botanical art

“Out Of The Blue 2″ botanical mixed media, 8″ x 8″ x 1” floater frame


The subtle nuances in botanicals are mesmerizing. Colors can be breathtaking. Shapes, smells, patterns, repeated patterns, softness, stiffness, perfection, imperfection, stories, perseverance, uniqueness, variety, aliveness, decay, etc. in botanical elements are captivating, thought-provoking and exciting!


ethereal botanical mixed media art

“Spirited” botanical mixed media, 12″ x 12″ x 1″


Once collected, I press and dry the elements to make it possible to use them later in my compositions. When I look through my pressed botanicals, I often find my jumping off point for each new creation. My art is not usually planned out in advance. It’s just really fun to let the colors and textures and botanicals take me along for the ride. I most often enjoy feeling spontaneous and open to simply enjoying the process without much concern about the finished artworks.


colorful botanical art diptych

“Color My World” botanical mixed media, 36″ x 6″ X 1.5″ each (diptych)


Another thing I hadn’t planned on when I began using botanicals in my artworks in 1999 was that I would end up writing original poetry for each of my artworks. My hope is that my poetry is another way to try to express the profundity of nature. I hand write my poems on the backs of each of my two-dimensional artworks.


minimalist botanical art collage

“Sacred Connections 12″ botanical mixed media, 12″ x 12″ x 2”


I am most grateful for the love and support of my family in my life and my art career. I’m grateful for gallery representation, inclusion in juried and invitational exhibitions, my many collectors, friends and fellow artists who encourage me, and my dog—aka, my studio muse! I hope you enjoy my art. More than anything, I hope you enjoy the connections to nature.


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