Featured Artist Kevin Stock

Kevin Stock creates digital art so realistic you won’t know that it’s digital. Enjoy his work and check out the rest of his portfolio on his Facebook page.


digital painting of a young black man

“Along the Way” digital oils, sizes vary


Let me introduce you to myself, Mr. Kevin Stock—a true renaissance soul hailing from the heart of Illinois. I kicked off my  journey to see and soak up the world in 1986 when I decided to set sail with the United States Navy. Fast forward two decades. I retired with a seabag full of tales and experiences that could fill a library… and may just have. More on that later.


digital painting of a young redhead woman

“They Call Her Ember” digital oils, sizes vary


Born in 1969, my life has been a vibrant canvas painted with a variety of strokes. While my early years were all about serving this great country, I recently stumbled upon a new passion–digital painting. Picture this: I started unleashing my creative genius using an Oculus Quest II VR headset and the Vermillion painting app. Talk about taking art to the next level!


dramatic digital painting of a moonlit night

“By Pale Moon’s Light” digital oils, sizes vary


But my talents don’t stop there. I’m what I like to think of as a culinary whiz, constantly donning my apron and experimenting in the kitchen to master the art of gastronomy.


colorful digital portrait of an older black man

“They Call Him Jalopy” digital oils, sizes vary


And let’s not forget, getting back to filling libraries… I’ve been weaving words together as a seasoned writer and poet for over 35 years. My verses are like a snapshot of a life well-lived, reflecting the depth of my vast cultural experiences.


digital painting of an old farm truck

“Old Blue, Out on the Farm” digital oils, sizes vary


Now, in the grand tapestry of my life, I’m not just an artist and wordsmith. Nope, I’m also a devoted husband, a loving father, a dutiful son, and forever a sailor at heart. I am living proof that life becomes a masterpiece when you blend creativity, service, and a pursuit of your passions.


digital painting of a glamorous black woman

“They Call Her Pearlean” digital oils, sizes vary


Oh, and here’s the latest scoop–I made the jump from digital painting on the Oculus to creating my masterpieces on an Apple iPad Pro tablet, using the ARTRAGE app. I wanted to upgrade my paintings and make them as traditional looking as possible.


digital black and white painting of an older man in a cap

“They Call Him Chisel” digital oils, sizes vary


I wanted to create digital paintings that others couldn’t tell were digital. It’s like I upgraded my paintbrush for a digital stylus, taking my creativity and artwork to new heights.


digital painting of a woman by moonlight

“Moonlit” digital oils, sizes vary


For those eager to check out my incredible, deceiving paintings, swing by my art page on Facebook. Trust me; you’re in for a visual treat!


digital painting of an old man with a white beard

“They Call Him Atticus” digital oils, sizes vary


So, there you have it. Kevin Stock, a man of many talents, a true creative force, and an all-around awesome human.



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  1. Kevin,
    I don’t know how you do digital oils, but they are interesting paintings.

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