Featured Artist Tom Kostes

Fine art photographer Tom Kostes focuses his lens on water in its many forms and landscapes. Enjoy and visit his website to see more of his work.


photograph of Portugese wetlands

“Santa Luzia Wetlands” photography, print sizes vary


When astrophysicists look out upon the vast universe, searching for signs of life, water is what they look for. It’s simple. No water, no life. Water is composed of two basic atoms, and yet when combined they form a substance that is miraculous. It is soft, strong, powerful, serene. It supports all life here on this beautiful blue marble.


photo of a duck floating in waterlilies

“Homage to Monet” photography, print sizes vary


One of its many miracles is that unlike most substances, it expands as it freezes, rather than contracting, and so, floats on top of the water beneath. If this was not so, all the water on the planet including the oceans, would become solid ice. No life could exist.


photo of ice crystals

“Ice Crystals” photograph, print sizes vary


Though soft and fluid, over time it can wear away the hardest stone. Though sometimes serene, it can, under certain circumstances, wash away entire landscapes, and even whole communities.


photo of two frogs in the water

“Spring Frogs” photography, print sizes vary


It sustains countless creatures in its protection, in rivers, streams, ponds, creeks, and oceans, including many varieties of underwater plant life. Water offers us food, pleasure, sport, and comfort to the soul.


photograph of Wildhorse Lake in Oregon

“Wildhorse Lake, Steens Mountain” photography, print sizes vary


In many cultures, a river is a symbol of the spirit in nature. It has been said “you can never step into the same river twice,” as it is constantly changing.


photo of a heron on a river

“Heron on the Crooked River” photography, print sizes vary


Since my childhood, I have always been drawn to water, from a puddle to the deep blue sea. Now when I look at my body of work, I see that so much of it is dedicated to the phenomenon, and numerous aspects of water.


photo of a frozen harbor in Maine

“Ice Bound Harbor” photography, print sizes vary


I love this planet of ours. It is truly our one and only home, and water is the magical ingredient that makes all life possible. There is no other place for us to go; why should we want to? This earth is the perfect place to nurture our existence, if we protect it and learn to live in harmony with it.


photo of a reflection of the moon in a rain puddle

“The Sky in a Rain Puddle” photography, print sizes vary


If we look to our ancestors, especially among the indigenous peoples, we can rediscover how to live in harmony with nature. The time for us to move in this direction is here and now. For ourselves, our children and all future generations. If we preserve the quality and purity of water, our world will flourish, and all the creatures here will rejoice.


photo of a chipmunk near a waterfall

“Chipmunk Contemplating the Falls” photography, print sizes vary


I hope you enjoy these images that celebrate this amazing power we know as water.


Tom Kostes invites you to follow him on Instagram, his blog and on Turning Art.


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