Featured Artist Christine Davis

Australian artist Christine Davis shares a portfolio of colorful oil paintings that capture the stunning landscape of her native land. See more of her work on her website.


oil painting of an Australian beach

“Port Noarlunga Beach” oil on canvas,  76cm x 61cm x 3.5cm


Utilising my favourite medium of oil paint, I desire to capture the beautiful seascapes and landscapes of South Australia. When it comes to seascapes, I am drawn to the contrast of the light weathered wooden jetties and the ocean’s blues and greens. They express calmness, a sense of peace, and hope of being on the beach.


Painting of Australian gum trees

“Gums by the Creek”   oil on canvas, 76cm x 61cm x 3.5cm


In my landscapes, I love to showcase our rugged countryside, including the sculptural shape of the gum tree. My paintings have a calming influence on the viewer, bringing nature before their eyes. I am known for my seascapes, especially my skill in depicting water.


Painting of a beachfront in Australia

“Mesmerising Tide” oil on canvas, 61cm x 76cm x 3.5cm


I began learning how to paint water from many hours fishing off jetties, mesmerised by the movement and reflections of its surface. Since childhood, I’ve had the passion and desire to recreate what I see and experience onto paper or canvas. I have always wanted to be an artist.


oil painting of a country scene in Australia

“Country Gateway” oil on canvas, 51cm x 61cm x 3.5cm


When I am painting, I have a sense of fulfillment. I am doing what I am created to do. Both my father and grandma were landscape oil painters. In fact, I remember watching my grandma paint landscapes of the Flinders Ranges including old stone buildings, gum trees, hills and grass.


oil painting of a marina and boat

“Mary River, Maryborough” oil on canvas, 76cm x 51cm x 3.5cm


I started my career as a support worker. Once my children were at school, I decided to follow my passion to be an artist. This journey began with mixed media and drawing classes at the Victorian Artist Society in Melbourne. There I was inspired by my instructor, who when watching how I paint, said, “I think you are an oil painter.”


oil painting of a pier and water

“Altona” oil on canvas, 76cm x 61cm


Later, during further study at Victoria University, I was introduced to oil painting. I grew to love this rich and versatile medium. Since graduating with a Diploma of Visual Arts, I have concentrated on expanding my skills and my artwork portfolio.


oil painting beach scene at sunrise

“Early Morning on the Beach” oil on canvas,  76cm x 61cm x 3.5cm


My current focus is developing my own unique style, bordering between realism and impressionism. This draws out the natural beauty of the environments captured.


oil painting of a jetty and blue green water

“Moonta Jetty” oil on canvas, 76cm x 61cm x 3.5cm


I sell my artworks online and in exhibitions and galleries across South Australia. I’m currently preparing for a seascapes exhibition in the beautiful Adelaide Hills.


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  1. Marvelous details. Country Gateway is my favorite.

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