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I am an artist living in New York City. My work is created by means of digital photography/manipulation, digital illustration/painting and recently some digital 3D figure rendering.

I used to draw a lot as a child, mainly inspired by comic books. I studied a variety of mediums in school and became fascinated by photography. However, I was always more interested in creating, experimenting and self-expression rather than just straight photography. Experimenting and manipulation in the darkroom was what I really enjoyed doing; it allowed me to approach things in a more “painterly” way.



Eventually analog photography was too limited and did not allow me to create the things that were in my head and I started working with digital photography and Photoshop.  This led to trying out other programs such as Corel Painter and getting into digital painting, illustration, etc.  It’s pretty exciting for me to be able to blend all these different elements together because I feel that I can be more creative and that in a way things have come full circle.



What are your goals?

My main goal is to keep creating and to keep pushing my work “further” (whatever that may mean).  Another goal is to get my work “out there” more. I would also like to do some work for CD covers, book covers and the like.



What are you working on now?

I’m working on many things at the moment. I’m continuing work on two series  “The Dark Carnival” and “Requiem In Oblivion”, which both appear on my website.  I’m also working on some figurative work that involves breaking down, obscuring and revealing form. For these I’ve been using more digital painting and sometimes Poser figure renders. I’m also working on making some fixes to my website.



What inspires you?

Many things inspire me. Mostly I get ideas or “visions” in my head that I have to create. However if I were to attempt to create a list of inspirations and influences it would include music, history and ancient art, Symbolism, Expressionism, early 20th century art,  Joel-Peter Witkin, Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, dark/gothic art, science-fiction, fantasy, current events and the human condition in general.



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