Featured Artist Rusty Wahl

Artsy Shark presents featured artist Rusty Wahl.  You can see more of her work by visiting her website.

Many people write their experiences in diaries and novels but mine are on canvas, graphics, assemblages, photography and mixed media. My love for all the arts: music, dancing, theatre, are incorporated in my paintings as I try to capture the rhythm, color, joy, pain of just living. I studied watercolor with Terry Madden and oils with the Bob Ross group and I’m a certified instructor in each media.

Since the age of 12 my dream was to be a performing artist and a painter. My parents who owned a summer camp in upstate New York gave me the opportunity to direct the children’s arts program where acting, painting, music, writing plays, became an important part of my life. At the University of Miami, I continued with theatre and education degrees. Classmates were Jerry Herman of “Hello Dolly” fame and Majel Roddenberry of Star Trek. Many graduates in the Drama department went to New York and Hollywood and found jobs doing what they love.

For many years I taught grades K-3 in Miami and Orlando. For twenty years 1972-1992 I was editor of Sunshine Artist magazine and had the opportunity to travel to outdoor art shows in southern states, meet creative artists, judge a few shows and make wonderful friends.

Why I do what I do.

It is the one consistent love in my life that I can rely on, and although alone during this process, I am one with the universe. It is when my brain and hands produce images merging with my inner thoughts that I reach for the stars. I want my art to be accessible to everyone who dreams and dares to be unique.

I have gained a sense of who I am now and where I have been…and matured. My paintings, graphics and photography have all come together in harmony and I am whole, sharing my Art with you.


  1. Incredible, the colors and creations are magnificent.

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